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Crystals for the Sensitive Child

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Crystals for the Sensitive Child

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Many of us that have found our way to our paths are highly sensitives. This is something that is hereditary. So for those of us who have children, there's a very good chance those children are sensitive as well. So how to we help them and protect them with their various gifts? All children when born, are very sensitive to the energies of the world around them, most will "unlearn" these sensitivities as they grow older. Still many of them being hypersensitive may never outgrow those sensitivities. Crystals can be a wonderful way to help guide and protect them.

My son is very sensitive. Since he was really young he has always had a thing for "rocks". Any time we take a walk he comes back with pockets full of them. However, I notice one that is almost always in his pockets that he is drawn to, quartz. When children are young, most of them will gravitate towards those items that will help them the most. So one thing I encourage is taking them out for a walk and encouraging them to pick up stones. Watch what types they gravitate towards. Now some of them they pick up may just be because they contain micah and are "sparkly", but watch each stone they pick up to see it's properties. What color is it? Can you determine what type of stone it is? This will help give you clues as to which gemstones to have your children work with. For example I know that my son thinks obsidian is too strong of a stone for protection, however he loves smokey quartz. My son is four.

Another exercise you can do is bring them into a metaphysical shop and repeat the exercise above. Watch which stones catch their attention. Watch the expressions on their face and body language as they pick up the stones. Are there one or two types that they seem to get called to more then others? Be sure to make a note of them and then look up their properties. You can then turn these rocks into pet rocks ;) Or you can make them little pouches to collect the rocks in and carry them with them. Another way is to make necklaces for them to wear about their necks. Find little ways to incorporate these stones into their life to help protect them and assist them with their gifts.

With my son, he has a shelf above his bed that is for his "magick stones" It contains several varieties of quartz, and some other special crystals that he has picked up along his journeys. I am always amazed by how close he is with them. He will notice if one is not in his room. They help him to sleep and feel safe in his room. My son has the gift of sight. It can be terrifying when they don't understand what is going on. Working with crystals and teaching him how to use them has been very beneficial to him. :))))

For those of you who have children who are very attached to crystals I recommend the following page: Crystal Children If they are a crystal child, it is a great resource to get you started in understanding how to help them.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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