Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Frog as Your Totem

The Frog As Your Animal Totem

Merry Meet :)))

My story begins with a trip to the lake almost six weeks ago now. We were out fishing and my daughter caught this huge bullfrog. She begged to take him home. I normally would say no, but we presently have a painter turtle living in a turtle pool in our yard and for some reason I found myself agreeing to let her bring him home. Well, it was more of a, "I don't think he's going to live very long in our yard," and my daughter insisting he was. So "bullie" came home with us. He survived the night without a hitch. Next day he was sitting on the shelf on the side of the pool happily looking at me. I was watching him with my son, when he jumped out of the pool. I clearly misestimated how high he could jump. We scrambled in the bushes trying to find the frog for my daughter who was at summer camp, but no luck. When she came home I broke the news to her. She was sad, but I soothed her with the fact that he was likely still living in our yard somewhere with the little brook that runs through the back of the yard. Enter in the next day, and Bullie.... yes, that's right. I came out the next day to feed the turtle and there he was sitting on the shelf in the pool. I couldn't believe it! He stared back at me as if he had never left. Since then he comes back and forth to the pool. He lets my daughter carry him around without jumping away as well. Something I still can't believe. So I now have a tamed turtle and frog living in a little tikes pool in my yard. We are still trying to sort out what we are going to do when the cold weather comes. I sense a pool in my basement in the future....

Since then I have been seeing frogs like crazy. I mean crazy. I went for a walk by a stream the other night and I literally saw over 200 frogs. It seemed like every step I took one jumped. I have no idea if I was near some sorta breeding area or something? I have never seen so many in my life. lol :))) In any event, these events led me to today's topic, the frog as your spirit or totem animal. As we know frogs survive in two worlds, water and land. They are a bridge between earth and water elements in the animal spirit kingdom. When they enter your life they typically indicate that a change is coming, and you need to jump to the next item. (I'm apparently missing the next item as I'm seeing them almost nonstop lol :)))))

Shamans believe that frogs can seamlessly shift from states of consciousness. They are seen as a symbol of magick. The frog is also a symbol of fertility. (No I'm quite content with the two little angels I have. :))) Frogs are healers and are known to help clean spiritual energy. When the frog comes onto our path we need to examine our goals and intentions and see if a leap needs to be made.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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