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The Magickal Staff

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The Magickal Staff

Merry Meet :))) When I was little I always went on walks with my Dad and Grandfather. They always had a walking stick. Always. Wanting to be like one I always carried one as well. Today, my children do the same. Did you know that a walking stick is a form of a magickal staff? There is a very fine line between a walking stick and a magickal staff. If you look at pictures of Merlin and other sorcerers and wizards throughout time you will always see them depicted with their walking stick, or staff. :)))

In Wicca, the staff is associated with power and authority. Generally the High Priest, or High Priestess will carry one with them. The staff is symbolic of masculine energy, and represents the element air. (in some traditions it represents fire.) We can use them to assist with our magick and for added protection. It's funny I always have had a special walking stick and always felt safer when I carried it. Not realizing the correspondance between my walking stick and a staff until doing my studies. :))) Generally when I pick one it's one that I have found on the ground somewhere. I will then carve and paint it to make it mine. :)))

Here are some examples of ones that you can make.

Blackthorn Travel Staff - Carve a staff from blackthorn to protect you in your travels and keep you safe.

Elder Staff - Carve a staff from elder wood to guard against dangers on the road. You can also hollow out the wood and stuff it with herbs.

Rowan Staff - Carve a staff from rowan wood. Rowan is wonderful for divination as it will sharpen your powers of perception, clairvoyance and discrimination. It is believed you are less likely to encounter danger or get lost with this staff. 

Oak Staff - Carve a staff from an Oak tree when you wish to have a masculine influence.  A staff from an oak tree will help you with strength and endurance.  

Willow Staff - Carve a staff from a Willow tree to help you with harnessing the energy of the moon, healing, and inspiration.  

Birch Staff - Carve a staff from Birch wood when you wish to have a staff to assist primarily with cleansing.  A birch staff is also very helpful when working with the energy of the moon.

Alder Staff - Carve a staff from Alder wood to harness magickal energies.  This staff is most helpful in working with the elements.  

Pine Staff - Carve a staff from pine when you are looking for a staff to help you with rejuvinating your soul.  The pine tree is a symbol of life and mortality. 

Apple Tree - Carve a staff from an apple tree to help you with fertility.

These are a few that I am aware of.  You will likely find more. :)) As always try to choose wood that you find on the ground. If you do take material for your staff from a tree always ask permission first and I would leave an offering where you took it from.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Lovely bit of lore on staffs and the uses of the wood. :) I am by the way, the Wizard in that work. Chuckle.
    Spirits bless,
    Marion Z. Skydancer

  2. I always walk with a walking stick when I am out and about in nature. It has come to me naturally. Even as a child I would pick up a stick to walk with.


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