Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Parrot As Your Totem

**photo by Rachel**

The Parrot As Your Totem

Merry Meet :))))

Some of you may know that I have recently adopted a yellow cockatiel named Tango :))))) He has given me an all new appreciation for birds :))))))) For as long as I can remember I've had the red-tailed hawk as my spirit animal guide. However being with Tango each day has given me such a new outlook on birds, their actions, and personalities. :)))))) He's just amazing. So today I wanted to focus in on a totem animal in the bird family. I chose the parrot. Parrots have always fascinated me. Their vibrant colors and the way the seem to talk to you just by looking in your eyes, has always captivated me.

Birds as totems in general are wonderful healers. They represent the element air, and also help teach us how important our breathing is. In nature birds survive for the most part by taking the flight option rather then fight. They do their best to avoid fighting. Although by some of the birds fighting over the sunflower seeds in my backyard, I sometimes question this. :)))) Nevertheless, they teach us to look at situation and determine if it is better to engage or just walk away. If you have kids you've likely heard the phrase "choose your battles." Only enter into battle when you need to. If you enter into too many battles you will be too tired for the ones that count. So working with birds in general helps us with this.

The parrot in particular is a great totem animal to work with. They teach us that the world is our canvas. :)) Anything we want is available to us if we just desire it and work towards it. Their beautiful vibrant colors will help us to work with color therapy. They are amazing at communication. Therefore they help you work on your gifts of speech and effective communication. When the parrot becomes your totem animal, look at situations around you and see if you could view these situations from another point of view.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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