Monday, November 12, 2012

Wax Divination

**graphic by IsacGoulart**

Wax Divination

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Wax divination is a divination method that can be quite effective. I personally love working with melted wax. It's fairly easy to do as well. One method is to get wax that can be melted down. You need to get wax that can be melted down. Be sure to be safe, and melt the wax down in a double burner. When the wax is in liquid form pour it slowly into a dish of ice-cold water. The wax with harden as soon as it hits the water, and typically forms a variety of shapes.

A second method is to light a candle and allow it to burn down a bit. The large pillars work best for this as you wil get a larger pool of wax in the top. Again use caution when doing this. Be sure you don't get burned. ;) Tip the candle over and pour the liquid wax into a bowl of ice-water. Watch for the shapes to form.

Once the wax is in the water, observe it for a few minutes. Don't remove it right away as you can change the shapes by picking them up too soon.

After several minutes have passed you can remove the wax and interpret your results. A larger symbol bears more significance then a smaller one. Do they work together? For instance, if you see one that is shaped like a heart and another like a ring, perhaps a wedding is in your future? If you have one that is very meaningful to you, you may wish to keep it on your alter.

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