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Merry Meet :))) I was first introduced to the Djinn a couple years ago by a good friend of mine who recommended that I read the Bartimaeus trilogy. It was a great trilogy of books to read by the way. :)))) When you hear the word Djinn it probably conjures up a picture in your head of a genie in a bottle. At least that's what it did for me the first time I heard of them. So what are they?

Djinn are very old spirits of Arabia and North Africa. They are generally found wherever Islam has been established. The word Djinn is actually old arabic and means covert or darkness. These spirits are devoted to religion as well. You will find Islamic, Jewish, Christian, and Pagan Djinn. They prefer to work with those who share their spiritual preferences.

Legend has it that the Djinn were created before humans and were meant to act as a communication link between us and the angels. It is also said that many Djinn are actually pagan divinities who have been brought down in the world. You will not find them mentioned as much nowadays. However prior to the new age movement beginning in the 1950's, you would find them in almost all books of magic and spell-books.

Some Djinn are very good spirits and are helpful to people. Others can be temperamental and malevolant. The Djinn generally feel about us as we feel about them. They tend to be cautious of us, as we are not always consistant in how we deal with them. They also can be secretive and keep primarily to themselves. This may be part of the reason that the Djinn are most active at night. They try to avoid appearing during the day. They love their sleep and do not like being disturbed.

Djinn have an extreme dislike for salt, iron and steel. You can use any of them to make them leave if they are unwelcome wherever you may be. They also don't like cold places so it would be rare to find them in cold climates. They love hot places, and will tend to frequent the desert areas, natural springs, ruins and places in the wild. A traditional offering to them would be to pour oil over flour. I would use caution in working with them unless you are familiar with them. :)))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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