Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Give a Gift Of Magick...

Give A Gift Of Magick This Season

Limited Time Offer
expires 12/22/12

Start Your Subscription to Moonsong Daily Magick and 
Gift a Free Month Subscription To A Friend

**Sign up for your subscription, and then send an email to with the name and e-mail address of the person you wish to give your gift to.  The person you choose will receive one month free to Moonsong Daily Magick**

On Your Magickal Journey You Will Receive...

Magick Today
A magickal message for you each day letting you know what to work with during the day and what you should be aware of. This includes:

- Date and day
- Ruling planet of the day and it's magickal influences
- Current lunar phase to determine the best days to practice magick
- Moon's sign. The moons presence in each astrological sign is significant.
- Magickal Color of the day
- Magickal incense of the day
- Important days for Wiccans such as Sabbats.

Daily Spiritual Quote
A special inspirational quote and corresponding amazing image for you to meditate on you is chosen each day for you.

Daily Affirmation
Affirmations are important. An affirmation and a beautiful image is chosen for you to work with each day. You can work with a new one each day, or save them and choose one to use several days at a time.

Tarot Card of the Day
A card pulled from one of my decks with divine guidance. See what they want you to know!

Spell - A - Day
A special spell selected each day for you to work with. Choose to work a new spell each day or add it to your Book of Shadows for future use.

Wiccan Guidance
Each Day of the week a different topic will be explored with you. :))

Spirit Guide Mondays - Learn to work with your spirit guides, topics include types of spirit guides, spirit animals, angels and deities.

Crystal Tuesdays - Working with Crystals and Gemstones can empower you in your practice. Learn the different types and how to work with them.

Divination Wednesdays - Each Wednesday we will look at different types of divination found around the world or focus in on a particular tarot card that you may work with.

Herbal Thursdays - One of the oldest methods of healing. Learn about specific herbs and their uses.

Mystical Fridays - Who doesn't love a little extra magick? Today is a day for a mystical or magickal topic.

Healing Saturdays - Focus on Healing. It's a day to take time out for you

Crafty Sundays - Crafty Witch Day - Learn to make a craft

Exclusive Bonuses and Opportunities!
Throughout the month I will pass along free goodies for you as I find them, and chances to have free tarot or intuitive readings done by myself. :)

I hope you will join us!

Sign Up Now! :))))

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