Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Make Massage Stones

How to Make Massage Stones

Merry Meet :))) Massage stones can be absolutely amazing to work with. You can use them with massage oil for a soothing massage. They can be warmed in water for a heated massage. There's just a miriad of ways to use these wonderful stones. I always like to create whatever I work with as much as I can. It adds to their magick. :))))) Massage stones are relatively simple to make.

If you have an ocean near you, or a river or quarry that is the best place to select your stones. You want to select oval shaped stones that are a few inches around. It's helpful if they are flat on one side. You want to select a variety of shapes to work with as it will make it easier to access pressure points on the body. Be sure to select stones that are as smooth as possible as you will be rubbing them against skin. If you do not have a place that you can find these you may be able to find them at a metaphysical store or online. The most common types of stone used is basalt. Basalt is a volcanic stone. It is best to use in hot stone massages as it has a very non-porous, smooth texture that makes it comfortable to work with and it can retain heat for up to 45 minutes. That's much longer then other types of stones. You can also use river rocks. Be careful when working with those as they will heat up very fast but will also cool down quickly. Marble and Jade are great options for cold stone massages.

When you have found the stones you wish to work with, make sure you wash them thoroughly. Don't use any soap. You can use a brush to help loosen the debris on them if needed.

You then want to heat the stones to 120 degrees Farenheit. Water boils at 212 degrees, so you can use a cooking thermometer to check the temperature of the water. You can do this by placing them in a pan of water on your stove. Allow the stones to remain in the water for a little while until they come up to temp. Please use caution when doing this and make sure you use tongs to remove the stones as they will easily burn you. Another method is to purchase a stone warmer if you will be doing warm massages frequently. This will make it easier to heat the stones to the proper temperature.

Once you take them out of the water, dry them off with a soft towel. Before using them, hold them in your hand to make sure they are not to warm to use. Enjoy those massages!!! :)))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Thank you for sharing your tips on making massage stones. These stones are helpful for anyone who want to relax at the comfort of their own living space.


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