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Italian Ceromancy

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Italian Ceromancy

Merry Meet,

Ceromancy is a divination method using melted candle wax. :)) The simple version is that you melt was and pour it gently into a dish of ice-cold water and then interpret the shapes that you get. I know a few of you that I work with are Italian. :))) Some of you may know that my Mother's side of the familiy is Italian. My Great-Grandparents were from Italy. Whenever I see anything to do with Italy in my Wiccan wanderings I always take note of it. The other day I came across a modification of basic Ceromancy. I thought some of you may really enjoy it so I wanted to include it.

What You Need
- three rose hips
- three nettle leaves
- cumin seeds
- a few sprigs of rue
- two candles (tallow if they are available)
- scarlet ribbons
- Pan of water
- Red Mojo bag
- Lighter

The first thing you need to do is place three rose hips, three nettle leaves, a small bit of cumin seeds, and three sprigs of rue in a bowl of icy water.

Take two candles and tie the scarlet ribbons around them. Wrap them three tims round and tie in a knot.

Place these candles inside the bowl of water.

Light the candles and watch the wax dripping into the water.

Let the wax harden completely before removing it.

If you have any shapes that are lucky or especially meaningful to you tuck them into a red mojo bag.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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