Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Patron God, Matron Goddess

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Patron God, Matron Goddess

Merry Meet :))) Most of us on our path will have a Matron Goddess, or Patron God who works with us. A common question I get is how do you know? I can tell you that shortly after I started my path formally, Isis appeared to me in my dreams. I knew it was her contacting me as the dream was lucid and I was very aware of it and all the details. She was sitting in a chair in front of me and I was actually on the floor. She spoke to me very clearly and explained who she was, and why she was with me. She has been with me for several years now. It is possible she's been with me longer then I was aware. Another example is when Hecate came to me. I actually heard her voice in my ear. I must confess it scared the dickens out of me and as far as I know she hasn't been with me since. lol :)))

So how in the world do you know when one is choosing to work with you? One of the places they may come to you is in your dreams. It's easy to get to you when you are sleeping as you are relaxed and more open to it. Another method is through meditation. You can do specific meditations to find out who is with you. Isis tends to come up for me in tarot cards all the time. I mean all the time. I actually have to laugh at times, because I love to test the system. I'm a mulitple signs girl. I have several tarot decks that feature Gods and Goddesses and I will ask from time to time who is working with me. She almost always comes up. So there is another example. If you are clairaudient you may actually hear them speak. You may see signs of them in front of you, for instance online, in books, etc. If you see one keep popping up that may be a message for you.

Ok, I've received a sign. Now what? When I first found out Isis was working with me, I set out to research her and find out as much as I could. As I did so it became extremely obvious to me why she was the perfect fit for me. I now can recognize how she comes to me. I receive signs from her through all the methods above as well as other ones that decide to pop up. She is wonderful to me. In return I thank her for working with me, and will leave little offerings for her in a special dish on my alter.

If one has not revealed themself to you yet, do not stress about it. :) It could be you just haven't caught the signs they are giving you. You are never left out there alone. :))) You always have spirit guides with you.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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