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Soapstone has been used for centuries for many types of carvings as the soft stone is very easy to work with. Statues and carvings were made with soapstone as early as 4,000 B.C. Native Americans carved their peace pipes from soapstone. It is still worked with widely today. In fact, I have a friend who makes beautiful carvings from soapstone. It comes in many different shades of color depending on where it comes from. Some of the colors you can find it in include gray, blacks, browns, and greens.

If you grind soapstone into a paste it has a wonderfully soothing and invigorating effect on the skin. It is actually used in many cosmetics on the market today. It's helpful in healing many types of skin problems. You can relieve patches and itchy skin by putting the soapstone on the affected area. You can apply a soapstone ointment to skin conditions that are chronic or affect larger areas.

Psychologically soapstone can help a person find their true self. It can also help motivate the person working with it. It has a very positive energy and is quite helpful in maintaining a positive attitude when you use it. When you are going through changes this is a great stone, as it helps you to adapt and be creative in dealing with change. It is a wonderful stone for highly sensitiv people to work with as it helps them to deal with the world around them. It is said that soapstone can facilitate communication between our realms and other realms.

I wear a soapstone pendant around my neck and I absolutely love it. The energy from it is amazing. :))))) It actually warms to the touch and feels very calming when I hold onto it. As a sensitive and empath this is one of my favorite stones to work with.

You can bury soapstone in the ground for a few days to recharge it.

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Jasmeine Moonsong

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