Thursday, December 13, 2012

Witch Ball

Kitras Art Glass Winter Solstice Feather Witch Ball

Witch Ball

Merry Meet :)))

How many of you know what a witch ball is? How many of you are now picturing a bunch of women dressed in cloaks and witch hats dancing around a ballroom to music? I'm picturing the scene to Hocus Pocus. LOL :) If you haven't seen it, I love love love that movie. :)) Ok, back on track. :))))

A witch's ball is a large glass ball, that sortof looks like a glass Christmas ball ornament. They are usually bigger then an ornament though, some of them up to 10 inches around. They can either be plain glass or stained glass. Sometimes they will have things in them such as strands of hair, strings etc. The purpose of the string or threads inside is to help catch evil spirits or negative energies and trap them. It is also said that the beauty of the color of the glass is what would entice negative energies or spirits to them and trap them inside, preventing it from affecting the home or surroundings.

In England in the 1800's they were actually used to ward off witches. I always find it amusing when I see traditional witchcraft items that were later used against witches. My personal theory is they just didn't want the neighbors to know they were practicing so they said it was against them. :)))) LOL

Traditionally these balls were hung from windows around the home, or placed upon pedestals within the garden around the yard. When using them today, we use them in much the same way. You would want to arrange them strategically around your yard and home. Some places to make sure you have them would be the front entrance of your home, and any other spots where entry could be gained. You may want to place one near the end of your driveway, walkways, etc. The nice thing about them, is they look like beautiful ornaments, so if you have those whom you wish not to reveal the fact that you are a witch or wiccan to, they wouldn't realize what they were unless you told them. I personally would love to get the one above for my tree. :)))))

When using them, we need to remember that they aren't just decorative, but they are magickal tools. So we need to consecrate them, and cleanse them on a regular basis. One way to cleanse them is to bathe them in a mugwort-infused spring water.

Love and Blessings, 

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Thanks for sharing. When I heard the beautiful garden ornaments were called "Witch Balls" I wondered what that meant. And, yes, the people I met that had one in their garden said they were to keep witches away... so I never went back! I will probably rethink this - and get a few for my garden.

  2. What an interesting thing they are, these witchballs. I would love a few of them to decorate my house with. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hey awesome! Hocus Pocus is my favorite Movie to watch every year, traditionally :)

    Ha...Not a bad theory. And it's true, they keep trying to use their own stuff back, which doesn't even make sense. But your theory does ;P

    Thank you for sharing this, neat and so beautiful


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