Friday, January 11, 2013

Acorn Love Oracle

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Acorn Love Oracle

Merry Meet :))))

This is a really cute divination method. It made me smile when I came about it. With Valentine's Day fast approaching the season of love is beginning. :))) You can do this spell when you want to find out the destiny of a couple.

Think of the people you wish to inquire about. You can use your cauldron for this spell if you wish, or a crystal bowl. If you use a crystal bowl, just make sure to cleanse it first.

Take a walk and find two acorns that you wish to use. Hold each acorn in your hand and focus on the acorn. Name the acorn after the person you are inquiring about. Do this twice so that you have one acorn for each half of the party.

Fill the cauldron or bowl with spring water.

Hold the acorns in your hands above the water and ask your question out loud, pertaining to the couples future.

Drop the acorns into the water.

If the acorns come together, so will the couple. If they go really far apart it may not bode well for the couple. ;)

You can use this divination method for yourself as well. :))) Just infuse one of the acorns with your name and energy, and the other with the romantic interest you are inquiring about. :)))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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