Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fragrance Communication

Fragrance Communication

Merry Meet :))) Sometimes spirit guides and spirits of those who have crossed will communicate with scents. It's one method for them to send us signs. For example my Grandmother who has crossed, will send me the scent of an edelweiss flower. Well I think it is! My mother has a candle in her house that we got when my Grandmother passed. It was called Edelweiss. When my Grandmother was little she use to pick those flowers in Italy. So when she is around me I will smell the scent of it. It's very distinct to me. My Grandfather, I've recently started noticing sends me the scent of his garage. That ones a little tougher to describe, but I recognize it. He use to work on cars and build race cars so it's a smell I remember from visiting him and playing in his garage growing up.

I have been experimenting with the following method lately and am actually having quite a bit of luck with it. I thought I would pass it along for you to try. :))) What we want to do is set up a more tangible sign for your guide to communicate with you like a scent. However, if you choose the scent, it makes it easier for you to identify.

For this exercise you want to choose a scent that you like and are familiar with, but you don't necessarily use frequently. When I started this I chose a new chakra spray that I had not used yet. The smell was very distinct to me, yet it was a brand new scent for me. You can choose anything really, a flower, baked good, perfume, essential oil etc. Just make it one you can easily recognize and save it for your guides to use.

If you can sense your guides, the next time you sense them introduce the scent to them. If it's a spray, spray a bit. Then ask them to use the scent to identify themselves. Explain that they can use it to send you signs and let you become more aware of their presence. I don't do anything special when I talk to them I just talk. :) If you aren't aware of their presence you can take a time that's quiet and light a white candle. Ask for your spirit guide to be with you then introduce the scent like above. Ask them to show you a sign that they understand.

When I did this, it has worked. I did not get a sign when I did it. I tucked the spray at the back of my altar. Over the next few days I would notice it very faint here and there. Now it is more pronounced. It is a nice additional validation for me. You know me, the validation girl! lol :) I love my concrete signs. :)))) Let me know how it works for you!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Wow I feel like I was meant to find this page! I was flipping through the blog posts when I found the "Hearing Your Spirit Guides" page which I clicked on because it has an owl in the picture (the owl is one of my spirit guides, and it is the one I resonate most with). Then I saw this in the recommended posts section of the page. I guess my owl wanted to have a scent that he and my other guides can use to identify themselves :)


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