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Jasmine is one of my favorite herbs. :))) I love the smell of it. It's a climbing herb which leads to some nice options for putting this herb around the yard. It has beautiful white or yellow flowers during the summertime. It's an evergreen plant and can be grown quite successfully indoors. This plant likes bright light, but not direct sunlight.

You are probably quite familiar with Jasmine, seeing it used in many bath products at shops. It's flowers are widely used for it's beautiful scent. Jasmine is also a natural astringent, leading it to be in many facial washes. When used in aromatherapy it can be helpful to help relieve depression.

Jasmine is known for it's calming effects. This is not an herb that you want to use when you need to concentrate on something. It's also a natural aphrodisiac. For this reason you will find it used in many massage oils.

Medicinally Jasmine can help to cure both viral and bacterial infections. It can help lower high fevers. Many people drink it in tea for it's benefits, one benefit being aiding digestion.

Jasmine can also be helpful with skin problems. It can be effective against dermatitis. It also is helpful with corns. You can use it to help dry or cracked skin. It will also help those with sensitive skin.

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Jasmeine Moonsong

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