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Lavender Cotton

Lavender Cotton

Lavender cotton or Santonlina is a silver-green evergreen shrub that has little yellow flowers during the summertime. It is actually a member of the daisy family, but it's strong scent is similar to that of lavender. It is native to Mediterranean regions. When it originated in the Mediterranean it was originally used as an astringent. When the herb spread north to Europe, it stopped being used medicinally and started to be used as more of an oramental herb. It is still this way today, being used primarily as an ornamental hedge. The English gardeners would often prune it into hedges to border their gardens. It is fantastic to use if you wish to have small hedges in your garden. It can also be added to any flower bed to enhance the appearance.

Lavender cotton has a more musky smell then traditional lavender. Not everyone enjoy's it as much as lavender. However, it is still used quite frequently aromatic mixes. It will add a nice scent to your garden if you use it for landscaping. You can also dry the foliage and the flowers and use it to make herbal wreaths, or dried arrangements.

Lavender Cotton loves the sun, and can handle large amounts of hot weather. You need to water it regularly until you get a proper root system going. Once you do, it's a very easy herb to grow as it also does not need much water. This plant does better when it is pruned regularly. It is a good idea to trim it back each spring before the spring growth comes in.

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