Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lunar Scrying

**photo by Luisneto**

Lunar Scrying

Merry Meet :)))) How many of you have done scrying before? We've talked about a couple different methods on Moonsong Daily Magick. Today's method is and ancient method of scrying that is my favorite. Something about the moon reflecting on the water at night has always been very magickal to me.

You want to find a dark pan. It doesn't have to be deep, but deep enough so that it can hold about an inch of water. Cauldrons work perfect for this for those of you who have large ones. :))))

You can do this on any night, but the fuller the moon, the easier it will be. I personally will only do this method on the night of the full moon. That is the night that is most magickal for me and typically yields the best results. The night before or after the moon is full work fine as well. :) You want to pick a night that is clear as well. When you have the perfect night, bring your pan of water outside. You will want to set it on top of a flat surface that you can look down into it easily. Sitting on the ground usually works really well for this, but a table may prove to be more comfy, especially if you have many questions. Position the cauldron so that the moonlight reflects upon the water.

When you are all set, quiet your mind and relax. Think about the question that you are seeking an answer to. When ready, ask the question. Gaze into the water and look for your answer. It may come in the reflection of the light on the ripples, or you may see within the dark areas of the water. You may hear your answer or get the images in your minds eye. Be open to anything and aware of anything. :)) Follow your intuition and let the energy of the moon and the water guide you.

I have also done variations of this at an ocean or a lake at night. It's your energy and intention that matters. :))))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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