Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Painted Mason Jars

**pic is from the pickled poppy**

Painted Mason Jars

Merry Meet :)))) Mason jars have quickly become a staple in my house over the past couple years. I started out using them to store my herbs. Then we started collecting pebbles and sea glass in some and setting them out around the house for decorations. Next came bug homes for the kids! LOL We never leave home without them now. I just love how they look and how multi-functional they are.

So recently I was perusing Pinterest and a picture caught my eye. Painted mason jars!!! :))) Now I can use them for vases too! lol :)))) These are super easy to make. Just get acrylic paints. You can choose one color or you can choose to do several colors. I liked the single color simple tones. Use the paint to paint the inside of the jar. Let it dry for several hours and you are all set! :))) Super easy. Very inexpensive. You can get the acrylic paints for pretty cheap. I am now going to have them all over my house for vases! Ones to correspond with colors of the season! lol

As a side note, they look really pretty if you put candles in them at night as well. :))))


Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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