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Sideromancy is divination by a heated iron. This divination method is one that was used primarily by blacksmiths. However, it has now become acceptable for anyone to use.

The Blacksmiths would heat the iron in the fire, or the forge until it was red hot. He would then drop a number of straws onto the piece of iron. The Blacksmith would read the movement and patterns that the straw left on the hot iron, as well as the smoke patterns.

Today people tend to use cast iron pans as they are easiest. You must be sure to be careful when heating the pans. Heat the pot to where you are comfortable heating it to. Remove the pot from the heat. Once you have it set down safely add some straws to the pan. Traditionally broom straws were used, however you can use yarrow stalks as well.

Use your intuition to interpret the straws. How do they move when you put them in the pan? Are there any patterns? How about patterns in the smoke?

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