Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Dove

The Dove

Merry Meet :))) Almost everyone is familiar with the beautiful white dove as being a sign of love and peace. This graceful creature has been cherished throughout time by many cultures. The dove represents not only love and peace but the promise of new beginnings. They also represent intimate relationships, and friendships. Another virtue that they are known to teach is patience, which goes along with the doves feminine qualities and maternal instinct.

I am always amazed at how many different types of doves there are. When I first started on my path, I was really only aware of "white doves". However during my travels I have now become familiar with mourning doves, spotted doves, and white-tipped doves just to name a few. Did you know there are more than fifteen types of doves just in the United States? If you are in Canada you are likely most familiar with the mourning dove.

The dove is the totem animal of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. It is said that Sophia, The Goddess of Wisdom, takes the form of a dove.

The dove is a very strong animal to have as your totem. It is one of the most influential totems to work with. The dove with help you achieve peace and harmony in your life as well as balance. Doves tend to work with people who are gentle and innocent. When one comes into your life, you may receive assistance for an issue in your life you may be having. They may also provide a solution for a difficult situation for you. When you see a dove, a new relationship may be in store for you. They are a wonderful animal to work with and an amazing sign of better things to come.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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