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The Keshalyi

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The Keshalyi

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The Keshalyi are a group of fae that originate in the Transylvanian area of Romania. Their name comes from the word spindle. They live in the forests of Transylvania. However, due to their tragic past, they stay in hiding for the most part now.

They are a very kind beautiful group of earth-bound fae. It is said that their Queen is a very beautiful fairy named Ana. Legend has it that Ana once lived in a palace in the rocky mountains. Unfortunately for Ana, she was forced to marry the king of the Lo├žolico after he fell in love with her. The Lo├žolico are a group of underground demon people. The Keshalyi, are a benevolant loving group of fae, who have not much power against malevolant spirits. Hence why their queen Ana, was forced into such a horrible marriage. Her marriage to this king resulted in several children who are reputed responsible for many diseases that we as humans endure today. One of such children was named Poreskoro. Poreskoro is a terrible demon with four dogs' head, four cats' heads and a tail that looks like a snake with a forked tongue. He is responsible for many epidemics, plagues, and deadly parasites that harm humans today. Legend has it that this demonic son terrified the king. He finally granted Ana her freedom after his birth, on the condition that she would send all female fairies of the Kehsalyi to his kingdom once they reached the age of 999. Ana now hides herself in a castle where she rarely shows herself. Those who have said they have seen her, say that she showed herelf in the form of a golden toad.

The Keshalyi are most often called on to help with fertility issues. The Gypsy invocation used in the spell above is "Keshalyi lisperesn" which means fairies spin. This can be used in conjunction with offerings to them to request their help with becoming pregnant.

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