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The Luna Moth

The Luna Moth

*written October 8, 2012 in journal*

Merry Meet :)))))

I spent the afternoon with my little ones and my dog Max in the woods today. I chose an area not far from my house, as my pup gets carsick. It said it was a wildlife conservation area. I noticed the sign on the way in said that hunting was allowed. I wasn't worried about it though as my father hunts a little bit and I usually hear from my mom when it's hunting season as he'll disappear into the woods for days. It's funny, he hasn't brought home a deer since I was little. :) I honestly think he just likes the excuse to be in the woods for days. :))) In any event, so I wasn't particulary worried about the sign.

We headed up a mountain and the path was splitting off pretty frequently. I wasn't worried too much as I had good cell phone reception. I have an iphone with google maps so worse case scenario I could use that to help find my way out. We were a good ways into the woods. We found lots of stone walls and I was taking pics of them and other things that caught my fancy out there. Oh! Like this tree!

I just loved the way the moss was all over the stone wall and creeping up the trunk of the tree. The path was getting really difficult to find so we decided to head back following the walls. Then I heard a gun shot in the distance. I thought it was a little strange as it wasn't in season. Then another one. I was starting to get nervous as I had the kids so we started making our way back. Someone must have been doing some sort of target practice? I'm not sure, but the shots kept coming and whoever it was was continually moving as I kept listening. At one point we came to a part in the trail where I was lost. I was going to pull out my phone to check and a shot rang out again. This time it was really close though. A bit of panic started to set in I must confess.

All of a sudden this beautiful green moth flew out in front of me. I was baffled and mesmerized at the same time. I don't know how to explain it. Melody says "Look mom a fairy!!!" My daughter is 9, so you know it looked convincing. I was questioning it myself. I was instantly calm, and myself and my little ones followed it down the path that all of a sudden was obvious. We were back to our car within a matter of moments. It's funny, it felt like we got there much quicker. The little moth dipped into the woods once I was in sight of my car.

So when I got home I instantly hit up google as I thought I knew what I had seen. I wanted to see if there were any in my area though. It was a Luna Moth. :))) Have you ever seen the lunesta sleep aid commercials? They always have this beautiful green glowing moth. That is the luna moth. It's actually going extinct and is rare to see. Apparently they are usually out at night. I'm quite sure that is what I saw though. :))))) Here's a page on them if you are interested:

I don't honestly think we would have come to any harm today, but the timing of that moth, and how it flew in front of us really has me amazed. :)))) It was definitely a treat for both me and my children.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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