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graphic from Chochise College

Andalusite (Fairy Cross)

Merry Meet :)))) Andalusite was discovered before the birth of Jesus in a town in Spain called Andalusia. The place where it was discovered is where this gemstone gets it's name. The stone is brown in it's natural states and turns a pretty yellow when cleaned up. The stone can range in color from a very light brownish yellow, to dark brown or green. You can also find it in a blend of green and red. Depending on how it is cleaned and cut is the color combination that you will get. When you polish the stone it will often display what we know to be the letter X. This X, resembles the Greek letter Chi. The Greeks renamed this stone to chiastolite or the "cross stone." 

Over centuries this stone has been renowned to be one of the most important healing stones. Andalusite is effective on the brain. Through the brain it is able to help control muscles and nerves making this an effective stone to work with for health issues that involve loss of control of muscles or nerves. It can also help with insomnia.

Psychologically it can help to improve your confidence and make you feel more independent. This stone is actually a symbol of independence in magickal workings. So it is an excellent stone to use for spells involving independence and confidence. For additional energy you can pair it with citrine or diamonds. Andalusite can help you find your true self and identify and blockages that you may have so that you can resolve them. It is also known to be a very powerful protection stone.

You want to cleanse Andalusite once a month or warm running water. To charge it, place it in the sun for a couple hours in a bed of rock crystals. If the gemstone turns cloudy when doing this leave it overnight in a glass of water with hematite stones.

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