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Fu Dogs

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Fu Dogs

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I first heard of fu dogs a couple years ago from a student of mine at the Mists. She had told me how she was placing these ancient Chinese statues on her doorstep for added protection. Once she explained to me what they were and I saw a picture I immediately recognized them. So what are they? 

In Chinese, Fu means luck, blessings, or good fortune. Fu Dogs are a cross between lions and dogs. You may also see them called Foo Dogs. Fu Dogs are ancient Asian guardians. Traditionally they guarded palaces, temples, tombs. They were also placed in front of the homes of the wealthy to help show their status in society. Their history traces way back to the ancient Han Dynasty. The Han Dynasty was from 206 D.C. to 220 A.D. 

It is said that they wil bring good fortune as well as protection. Fu dogs are most powerful in pairs. You should have one male and one female. The Male dog is usually holding one paw on a sphere which symbolizes the Earth and protection of the home. . The female is usually holding a cub symbolic of maternal protective instincts. . A pair of fu dogs can repel malevolent or negative energy. It will also prevent people with negative intentions from entering your home. You can find Fu Dogs in many different materials, sizes and colors. 

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  1. I love these things, my mother used to have one on the outside of her house! They also remind me of Mulan! lol :)


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