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Healing With A Pendulum - Chakra Healing

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Healing With A Pendulum - Chakra Healing

Merry Meet :)) The pendulum for me is an invaluable tool when working with healing. It was one of the first tools I learned to heal with. You can use a pendulum to help you pinpoint where there's a negative energy blockage or area that needs healing on either yourself or someone you are working with. Find the pendulum that you wish to work with and make sure that it is cleansed and consecrated before using it.

Get comfy where you intend to work. Make sure that you are in an area that is free of distractions. It's helpful to be in an area with minimal technology so that it doesn't disrupt the energy on the pendulum. Be sure to ground and center before you begin working.

The person you are working with should lay flat. Ensure that they are comfortable. Tell them to close their eyes and relax. You may wish to have meditative music playing or you can guide them through a meditation. Work your way first through each of the chakras. Hold the pendulum over each one, silently asking it to reveal if there are any blockages. For me a yes, indicates that there is a blockage, a no indicates that there is not and I can move to the next one. However, it may be reversed for you. This is where you need to know how to use the pendulum in order to determine. If you are unfamiliar with your pendulums answers, you can start with a series of questions such as "show me yes", "show me no" to make sure you are interpreting the readings from it correctly.

If the pendulum indicates a blockage on the chakra you can send energy to try to cleanse it. Place the pendulum down for a moment and hold your hands a couple inches above the chakra. Envision the chakra as a wheel spinning. Send energy to remove any blockages that are there and get it spinning properly again. When you feel it is cleared of any blockages allow a white healing energy of love to flow through your hands and to the chakra.

Work your way through each of the chakras, cleansing them and sending them healing energy where needed. I personally start at the root chakar and work my way up. When I feel that I have cleared all the blockages I will ask the angels to assist me with bathing them in a white light.

This can be done on yourself as well. However it is difficult to hang it over each of your chakras. When healing myself I will draw a rough outline of a body to represent myself, and map out each of the chakras. I will then use this as a map for the pendulum determining where the areas are that I need to direct my healing.

The more you do it, the easier it will become. You must have faith in your ability to send healing energy and heal. I also do use a special pendulum for my chakra work that has a stone for each of the chakras on it. This is helpful but not necessary. :))) Follow your intuition.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Chakra healing can also be used to relieve tension in your life, or help take your mind off of other irritants. Bad energies can build up in your body over time, so using chakra healing can be helpful to clear those corrupting influences from your mind and body.

  2. Using Amethyst pendulum for this purpose will be very helpful

  3. Using Amethyst pendulum for this purpose will be very helpful


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