Monday, February 4, 2013

Ice in the Mountains

Merry Meet :))))

Things have been going by in an absolute whirlwind lately.  Last week I spent a very busy 48 hours reconstructing some of my graphics for use in the Magickal Times.  Thank goodness I had an amazing friend to help me with it :)))) I will forever be grateful to you!!! :))))  A year ago my computer blew up, literally and I lost everything on it, including all of my original graphics.  I now have a Mac!! :)) The copies that I had from my blog were not high enough resolution, so I found myself with two days to rebuild several of them.  Those days were spent in a flurry of trying to find original stock images and recreate what I had done almost a year ago.  I learned that artists do not work well under pressure! lol

When I finally had them submitted, an amazing calm came over me, and the next day was just amazing to me.  I still had a lot of work to do but I was so amazingly calm.  All of a sudden things that would bother me out on a normal basis (kids screaming at the top of their lungs and fighting for ages) were just sliding right off.  As much as I dislike obstacles and stress I realize that they are there for me to learn from, and make those times that are "normal" that much sweeter.

I vowed I was going to take a couple days off on the weekend to celebrate accomplishing what I thought was impossible when I started.  When Saturday came and went and I'd discovered I'd worked clear through it I decided to take a few hours off, out of the house on Sunday. :)))  So yesterday I took the afternoon to drive up to the mountains and see the lake all frozen over.  I go up there frequently during the summertime but very seldom do I go up there in the winter.  It was absolutely gorgeous!!!  As it was a higher elevation the lakes were all frozen over. I was surprised at how low the water level was.  They must've drained the water level in the lakes for winter.  The docks were all almost vertical, and a mass of stones not normally visible took up much of the area around the lake.  Still the lakes up there are huge and you could walk for quite some time across them.  I found myself hiking across the ice to those islands in the middle of the lake that I could only wonder about during those hot summer months.

The colors were gorgeous.  The skies were so blue and it made all the snow and ice shimmer and sparkle in this beautiful shade of blue in reflection of the sky.  There were people on the lake ice-fishing and pulling their children about in sleds.  As I drove by the cottages up there for sale I found myself wondering about the possibilities of maybe being able to have one myself one day.  I would love to have a place to go that's off the beaten path a bit out in nature, but still within a fairly close drive to home at the same time. As I drove by those little cottages, I had visions of sitting in one of those little cottages, looking out over the frozen lake, working on my laptop.  Perhaps one day. :))))))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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