Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Koala As Your Totem Animal

The Koala as your Totem Animal
or Animal Spirit Guide

Merry Meet :))) I don't know many people that can help but smile when they see one of these cuties. When I was little I use to absolutely loveeee them. :)) I still do. So what does it mean if the koala is your totem animal or your animal spirit guide?

Most of us know that these cute adorable creaturs are from Australia. Koalas are marsupials, meaning that they carry their young in their pouch. As your guide, the mother and child bonds is one of the areas that they will help you with. If a koala is coming to you as a totem animal look at your relationship with your children or your parents. Is there an area of it that needs assistance. The koala bear may be choosing to work with you to assist in that area of your life.

Did you know that most koala sleep 16 - 18 hours each day? They spend a lot of their life in a deep sleep. They will help you with any sleep issues you may have as well. The can help you resolve issues that may cause you lack of sleep. They can also assist with lucid dreaming and interpretation of your dreams.

It is not all sleep for these cute animals. The animals are slow but they are able to overcome amazing obstacles. Because of their strength and patience they are able to help you with matters that require you to work through them while taking your time. They can help you with things like yoga, and meditation. They really are masters of deep concentration and relaxation. One of their strongest senses is hearing so they can help you with spirit communication as well. Need help in your studies or to find a solution to a problem, call upon a koala. :))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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