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The Many Uses Of Quartz Crystals

The Many Uses Of Quartz Crystals

Merry Meet :))) We've touched upon quartz crystals in the past. If you are just starting to work with crystals, a clear quartz crystal should definitely be first on your list. If you've been working with crystals for some time you already know what a staple quartz crystals are to your gemstone collection.

Clear quartz is really a master stone. It works well with pretty much every stone that you put it with to amplify the stones power. Therefore whenever working with gemstones you should have a clear quartz with you.

Store a piece of quartz crystal with your tarot cards, runes, pendulums or other divination tools. It will help to cleanse them, keep them balanced, and amplify their power. It can really help you with making them easier to read. I have a piece of quartz tucked right inside my bag for my main deck of cards. I have one main quartz crystal that is always with me when I read the cards. It helps me to stay clear.

If you are working with wands, it's helpful to have a quartz crystal for the tip of the wand. Quartz is amazing for conducting energy. It can help facilitate the movement of energy through the wand and into you, or from you back to the universe. When choosing a wand, I always recommend looking for one with a quartz tip on it.

It's helpful to keep a quartz crystal with you at all times. Cleanse it frequently under cool running water. On the night of the full moon charge it with positive energy to help keep you balanced throughout the lunar cycle.

Psychic storage. Did you know quartz can act almost like a computer chip? You can literally program a quartz crystal to hold energy, thoughts, memories etc. My main crystal is charged to hold the energy of the ocean at a moment I was standing on the beach. I can call back up that moment in time whenever I wish. :))) The picture above is of my crystal. I added a bit of blue light on it to make it easier to see. If you look at the top of the crysal you can see the ocean waves in it. :)))

I have sooo many clear quartz crystals around my house. It is definitely the most common one I work with. I am most attached to my main quartz crytal. It really has become like a friend for me in my magickal workings. :)))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. I charged my clear quartz bracelet to store shielding and protection, and the little stone is charged to keep the memory of "Those Magic Changes" from Grease Live. Because why not :D


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