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Wiccan Altar Bell

Wiccan Altar Bell

The Bell

Merry Meet :)) When setting up your alter, some of you may notice a bell included among things you should have. You may also see it called for in some rituals or spells that you may work with. You may also see it used as a symbol for Wicca. So where did this tradition come from, what does it mean, and why do we use it still today?

In ancient times the bell was believed to rid an area of negative entaties or energies. This can still be a purpose for it today. I have seen cleansing rituals that still involve using a bell to drive away spirits. In ancient times they use to hang the bells on doors and leave them strategically placed around the house to help keep away negative spirits and energy. This is a practice that you will still see used in households today.

When a bell is cleansed and consecrated to be used as a magickal tool, it is believed that it can help to purify everyone that is present when it rings. For this reason, you will often see it used today at the beginning or ending of rituals that we do. Before beginning any magickal working you can ring the bell to rid any negative energies, and call the attention of the spirits you wish to summon in your workings.

The vibration of the bell can help to stimulate the energy in your environment. It also helps to set your intention and inform your subconscious of the actions you wish to take. For those of you who may have a harder time with meditation the ringing of a bell can make entering meditation easier.

The bell traditionally is symbolic of the Great Goddess. The bell can be used during ritual to help invoke the Goddess. You may also see it used at each of the four quarters when calling quarters during ritual. If you choose to place a bell on your altar most traditions agree that it should be located on the left of your altar. The bell corresponds to the element water, and is a feminine energy. While you will not see it used by all witches or Wiccans, the bell is a tool that can be given importance in your magickal workings if you so choose and treat it as a magickal tool.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. I don't often use a bell but I felt the need to just a few days ago. I used it to signal the beginning and end of the ritual.

  2. I often use my bell for cleansing my home instead of using sage. It is so peaceful afterwards.


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