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Crystal Healing Wands

**wand from Luna Blu Boutique**

Crystal Healing Wands

Merry Meet :)) There have been so many times when I'm perusing the new age shops and I see these beautiful crystal wands. How many of you know what they are used for and how to use them? Crystal wands have actually been around since ancient times. They have been used by healers all over the world, a tradition that is still carrying forward today. You will find them in all different gemstones, shapes, and sizes. Some of them are just breathtaking to look at. They can consist of one gemstone or be a combination of many, depending upon what you wish to use them for.

The purpose of a wand in healing is to help you gather energy and direct it where you wish it to go. This is helpful when you wish to heal specific areas of the body, or a certain chakra. They can also be used to direct energy over the entire body or a person's aura. You can use them to help you scan the body and find issues or blockages, and then to cleanse and repair those areas.

Wands are very popular in massage. When used properly they can be an amazing aid to a masseuse. When using wands in massage healing you tend to let the wand come in contact with the body more. So if you are choosing a wand for this, you want to make sure that is is smooth and will be comfortable. You may choose a wand that is pointed at the end to work with certain pressure points on the body. There are pressure points that you can put the wand against that can assist in relieving pain and stress from the body.

Depending on how involved you are in healing with wands you may wind up with several different wands. The first basic one that I recommend for all who are starting out is a clear quartz crystal. You've heard me talk about quartz crystals a lot. These wands are wonderful for helping you to harness energy. You can also hold any stone to the end of the wand and the quartz crystal will channel the energy from that stone into the area that you are healing. It is capable of healing pretty much anything on the body from physical illness, to stress points, to negative energy, and working with the chakras. For other wands you want to research the gemstones and metaphysical properties to find a suitable match for what you are wishing to heal.

When you first receive your wand you want to cleanse it. This will remove any residual energy on the wand and ready it for you to work with. You then want to consecrate it, so that it will work for you. Then spend some time getting to know it. Get familiar with the energy of your wand and the vibrations on it. You can charge a wand for a specific purpose to give it added strength if you are doing a specific type of healing work. You want to cleanse it after each use so that you don't carry any type of energy from one session to another.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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