Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crystals Helping You

Crystals Helping You

Merry Meet :))) Many of you know that I have become quite passionate about gemstones in the past few years. They keep having ways of turning up for me on my path. For instance I've been out on walks and found crystals with the face of a wolf in them, and other beautiful stones that just seem to call to me. The picture above is of the one I found with the wolf in it, that one of you on Facebook pointed out for me. :))) Can you see him? He's facing to the left. :))))) The white wolf is my spirit animal along with the red-tailed hawk. :))) 

Part of what floors me about when this happens, is when I get home and research what they are, they always match up to something I am needing at the time. More often when I read about them I have an "aha" moment and am able to identify an emotion that I have that I didn't realize was there. Hopefully that makes sense to you. Sometimes it's tough to take an objective look at ourselves. If you're like me we get so caught up caring for everyone else and saying I'm fine, that we don't realize we have something that needs to be healed.

I am by no means an expert on stones. I still have much to learn. What I do know is what I feel from them and they are just amazing. The life, energy, and healing abilities they carry is amazing to me. So I have a simple exercise that you can work with. If you have access to a store that carries stones I encourage you to go there. You can find them in natural health stores, metaphysical shops, museums, and other places. I have a dinosaur place about an hour from me in Connecticut that has an amazing selection! :))) If you can find one, go there. Don't get caught up in the names. If you are aware of what the stones mean try to forget what you know. Follow your intuition. Which stones call to you? Is there one stone that seems to call out to you in particular? Take time to feel each stone. See if one vibrates in your hand the moment you pick it up. When you find the stone or stones that seem to resonate with you, then take time to research their holistic meanings. An easy way to do this is to go to google and type in Amethyst Holistic Meaning. That's one example.

If you do not have access to a shop like this you can do it right in nature. This is where the majority of mine come from honestly. It can be trickier to try to identify them though. If you find one that you are stuck on you are welcome to come to my facebook page and post it there for the community to help you identify it. They have been quite helpful to me. :))))) I can't tell you how often doing it this way has helped me identify areas in my life that need healing. Most of us identify an area and then go find a stone. Let your intuition and the energy of the universe guide you to your perfect stone. :)))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Can you see the wolf? I didn't until someone pointed it out!! He is facing left. His nose is the furthest point to the left. Below is a pic of it before I zoomed in on the wolf. :))

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  1. I think i saw the wolf! It took me a while but i found it! You found this crystall in nature? That is awesome. I have collected many stones but never one so impressive!
    Have a blessed day!


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