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**graphic by Drui-Anomalis**


Dactylomancy is an ancient Roman divination method using a ring suspended from a string or hair, and a board with letters on it. Sort of along the idea of an ouija board. The Romans created a disc with letters of the alphabet around the edge of it. They then put this disc on a flat surface. The ring was then suspended over the table and was used to spell out messages to answer their inquiries. In this method the ring was used more like a pendulum, being allowed to swing in response to their question, much as one would use a pendulum today. The letters it swung to would be recorded and interpreted.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, they used a circular table which had the zodiac symbols etched around the outside of it. They then made 78 metal discs. Each disc had a letter of the alphabet etched into it. There were three discs per letter. The letters were strewn about the table so that they covered it. A ring was hung above the table with string. The string was burnt causing the ring to fall to the table. After the ring fell it would roll across letters on the table. The letters it rolled across were written down to be interpreted as an answer to the question asked.

Yet another method calls for you to hang a ring from a few strands of hair. The person who's hair the ring is suspended from is who should ask the question. There needs to be enough hairs used so as the ring can swing freely and will not break free from the strands of hair easily. Set a glass on the table. The ring should be suspended so that it may tap against the glass on the table. Establish a method of communication with it to seek answers to your questions. For example you may wish to say one tap means yes, two taps means no, etc. Quite similar to how you would establish a method of commuication with a normal pendulum.

Today you could use any of these methods really. The last method would likely be the easiest to use. I believe you can substitute a string for the hair and still achieve good results. For the ancient Roman method you could use a large sheet of paper and write the letters around the outside. For the Middle Ages method perhaps you could use Scrabble tiles. :))) Have fun!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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