Friday, March 8, 2013

Divination Stones

**stones done by Reddit user threefiveeight**

Divination Stones

Merry Meet :)) Every now and then I get the chance to peruse Reddit for ideas. I came across the stones in the picture above and loved them the second I saw them. They are so simple yet so perfect. :))))

I've written several articles about using stones for divination. My son loves stones, therefore my house is becoming full of them. Every time we go out we collect new ones. :)))) They are literally everywhere in my home.  

When I saw the stones in the picture above the first thing I thought of was how perfect they would be for divination, as well as for an amazing craft to do with my children. The woman who made them used normal stones that she found outside and painted them with white acrylic paint. I love the fact that they are like runes but they don't follow a traditional runic alphabet. I also love the simplicity in them. They have a natural feel to them that just calls out to me.

She already painted several great ideas, the sun, the bird, arrows, a house. My mind is already skipping with ways to interpret these stones. Some other ideas include a heart for love, wings, music notes, a moon, etc. Follow your intuition and get creative! When they are dry, allow them to charge on the night of a full moon. Then store them in a nice little pouch, perhaps a velvet one. To use them for divination, ground and center and focus on the question you wish to have an answer to. Then draw a stone to get an answer to your question.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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