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Grounding - Tree Method

**graphic by PurpleKakashi**

Grounding - Tree Method

Merry Meet :)) Almost all of you who have found your way to me are highly sensitive. Many of you are Empaths. There are many skills that are important to us to take care of ourselves. Grounding is one of them. I wanted to go over a very simple method of grounding with you today. Some of you will be familiar with this. Many others have just started your path and this will be something that you want to master. It will help you to control the flow of energy both around you and through you.

Nature is naturally grounding. It is the simplest, quickest method to ground. If it is warm outside I recommend going out barefoot and allowing the energy of the Earth to sooth you. Take walks whenever you can. The fresh air and energy of the earth around you will calm you. A very simple grounding method I learned is a tree meditation. I learned to do it outside first, until I got the hang of it, now I can do it anywhere. If the weather is warm while you are reading this go outside. Find a place that is comfortable and quiet. I have beautiful willow trees in my backyard so I learned under a willow tree. Oak trees are perfect for this as well. However any tree will do. I would recommend one that is taller then you though, for visualization purposes.

Stand underneath the tree. If you can be barefoot, do so. Now, look at the tree and notice the trunk of the tree extending into the ground. Can you see it’s roots? I want you to envision yourself as that tree. Stand up straight and take a few deep breaths. Visualize roots extending from your feet down into the soil beneath your feet. They are extending right into the earth to tap into it’s grounding energy. Now I want you to look up towards the top of the tree. Can you see where it’s branches are extending towards the sky? Almost as if they are reaching toward that divine universal energy above? Extend your arms into the air and visualize them as branches extending towards the sky. Reach your fingertips up towards that energy and allow them to connect. Now I want you to envision a soft white loving light coming from the divine, through your fingertips, down through the trunk of your body, through the bottom of your feet, down your roots into the ground. Work on envisioning yourself pulling that energy through it. As it goes through you it will take any negative energy and push it down into the ground to be cleared by the Earth. In it’s place it pure energy. Loving, warm, peaceful energy that makes your body rest, and all the muscles in your body relax. You are at peace here. Allow the light to cleanse you and restore your balance. When you are ready, take a few deep breaths, and then drop your arms to your side and wiggle your toes. You now know how to ground! You can do this simple grounding method anywhere. You do not have to be next to a tree. With practice you will be able to do it in a matter of minutes. When I need to I can do it very quickly. The visualization and your intent is what matters. The energies of the universe will respond to your will.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. This is a wonderful article. I am an empath, and what I find interesting, is when i was just a young girl, I'd say, maybe 6, my Dad was very abusive, and he was raising me in Catholic church and school. Every time he would abuse me, I would run outside, and go lay up against this huge tree we had in the back yard, and I am ALWAYS barefoot. Still, never wear shoes unless it's snowing. Anyway, I would go lay under that tree, or up against it, and pretend it was my friend, and pretty soon, felt like it was part of me. Now, I understand ;-)

    1. Your Spirit knew how to protect you. Blessed Be.

  2. I have a favorite tree down by the beach. I live in the city but the beach is only about fifteen blocks away. I make the jaunt often! This was the grounding method that was first taught to me years ago and it has been my go to ever since!


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