Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ostara Blessings

**Graphic by Rhiannon104**


Merry Meet :)))) I hope everyone has a blessed Ostara today. :)))))) I know my little ones are looking forward to making colored eggs this evening the most. :)))) We have much to celebrate today for it is the Spring Equinox. :)))) Spring is finally here! I am looking forward to the flowers and herbs returning as we enter the season of growth. I can't wait to see all the brilliant colors start recapturing our Mother Earth as the days get longer and our Father Sun makes the days warmer. Today though is a day of perfect balance, equal light and darkness in the day, as that wheel readies to turn again.

Eostre also known as Ostara is the Goddess of Spring. Bunnies that we see so often this time of the year both representing Ostara, and around the Earth were a favorite of Ostara and it is said that she could even transform into one. Traditionally colored eggs and cakes were offered to this beautiful Goddess of Spring in return for her bringing the baby animals, warmer weather, and the beginning of the crops for the year.

If you are performing your own ritual tonight fresh flowers such as violets, lily of the valley, daffodil's and other early spring flowers are perfect. You can also use fresh herbs such as lemon balm, and lavender. If you live in a climate like mine this may not be possible, as I look outside my window and there is nothing yet. I know it will be here soon. As an alternative you can get fresh herbs at the store, or just decorate with beautiful spring colored eggs. In addition you can use light green, lavender or purple candles on your alter, and burn an incense like jasmine or pachouli.

Making a special Ostara dinner? Choose fresh green leafy vegetables and sprinkle seeds upon the top of your dish. You can serve special Ostara bread to go with your salad. For the main course think about dishes involving eggs or roast lamb, be sure not to forget cakes for dessert! :))) You can also add things like fresh fruits, sprouts and flower dishes. :)))

I hope all of you have a Blessed Ostara!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Happy Ostara! :)


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