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Merry Meet. :))) Many of you know that I've ben working Isis since I started my path formally several years ago. I also work with a couple other guides. Recently I felt a different presence with me. It was definitely feminine. I was intrigued as it felt familiar to me, but I couldn't place it. So I lit a candle before bed one night and asked for an answer to who it was. I like knowing who I'm working with. So the next night I was walking around with the song Rhiannon stuck in my head by Fleetwood Mac. I didn't think too much of it as I sing a lot and will often have a song get stuck. I was more intrigued when I awoke the next morning with the song still in my head. That's rare for me. I gave it a second thought but soon got caught up in the days events and didn't make the connection. About an hour later, one of the readers on my facebook page posted the song Rhiannon on my page on facebook on my morning post. I about spit out my coffee when I saw it. I couldn't believe it! Now it had my attention. I went and looked at the lyrics on the song. Finally it all clicked in. She is apparently who I've started working with lately, and I must say I am loving it. :))))) I thought you would appreciate how sometimes it takes me a few times before I get something. lol :)))) They must have a good laugh at me up above. :)

Rhiannon is a Welsh Moon Goddess. Her name means "White Witch or Great Queen." Just like her name she is a very powerful white witch and healer. There are many variations on this Celtic legend. The following is the one that I have learned.

Rhiannon was promised to marry an older man that she did not wish to marry. She went against everyone's wishes and married a mortal Prince Pwyll. She appeared to him one day in the forest sparkling with her magick and upon her white horse. He was overwhelmed with her beauty. He tried for several days to catch her but was never able to. Finally he simply asked her to wait for him, which she did. He requested her hand in marriage and she agreed that she would after one year. He didn't see her for a year. As promised though she came to him one year later where he was waiting with his men. They were wed in her father's castle, a castle made of silver crystal.

During the wedding celebration a great fight broke out. It is said that the man she was suppose to marry was responsible for it. The man argued that Rhiannon should no longer be allowed in the fairy realm. Rhiannon dealt with it as quietly as she could trying not to ruin the festivities. The next day she left with her new husband. As they left the forest, it closed behind her, and Rhiannon knew she would never be allowed to return to her home.

Rhiannon had married a prince and was living in his castle. As such she was expected to produce an heir to the throne. After two years of marriage and no child, the people of the court and the town began to talk if she was fit to continue in her marriage. The next year she finally gave birth to a son. At the time Rhiannon was assigned six people to help care for her and her young son. They were there to help Rhiannon recover from the birth of her son. Sadly one night, all of them fell asleep. When everyone awoke they discovered that the baby was missing. The servents feared for their future and immediately devised a plot to get themselves out of trouble. They took the life of a puppy and smeared the blood all over Rhiannon, and scattered the bones next to the bed. They then accused Rhiannon of eating her own child.

Prince Pwyll was devastated by the news. He did not defend her, but he did ask for her life to be spared. From that day on, Rhiannon sat by the castle gate. She was forced to wear a horse collar and greet everyone as they came to the castle telling them of what she did. On the fourth year a man, his wife and son rode up to the castle gate. The man pulled her to her feet. The little boy handed her a piece of an infant gown. She realized that it was her son. The man told her how he had found her son lying alone in a field several years earlier. Not knowing where they boy belonged he raised him as his own. It is believed that the man she was suppose to have married kidnapped her infant son. The boy looked just like the son of Rhiannon and Pwyll so she was forgiven quickly and had her life restored to her. Rhiannon forgave all those for what had been done to her and lived out the rest of her life as a noble woman. She is known for her patience, forgiveness and healing powers.

“Rhiannon rings like a bell thru the night

And wouldn’t you love to love her
She rules her life like a bird in flight
And who will be her lover…
And who will be her lover…

All your life you’ve never seen
A woman – taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven
Will you ever win…

She is like a cat in the dark
And then she is the darkness
She rules her life like a fine skylark-
And when the sky is starless-

All your life you’ve never seen-
A woman – taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven
Will you ever win…

Dreams unwind.
Love’s a state of mind.”

(by Stevie Nicks, sung by Fleetwood Mac)

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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