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About Haunted Houses Ghost and Spirit: Why you don’t need to be scared of Spirit, ever

About Haunted Houses Ghost and Spirit

Why you don’t need to be scared of Spirit, ever

Working with Spirit I often come across questions about haunted houses and about Spirit causing negative events in people’s lives. I have to say I have never believed that Spirit can cause any harm and I still don’t. I decided to write this note because I would like each and every one of you to know that loved ones in spirit love you back.

I have never experienced or seen anyone experience pain because of Spirit. Even before I started to develop my mediumship, I was always aware of Spirit in my life and those of others, and what I have seen is that Spirit always comes with Love and support. Fear is created by the human mind.

There is only Love in the Spirit world. And when they come through, that’s the energy they bring with them. So why all the talk about haunted places and Spirit scaring or even causing harm to people?

There is a difference between Spirit and Ghosts. Those in spirit are souls who have incarnated into the physical, lived their journey and gone back. Ghosts are residual energy. Spirit has awareness, ghosts don’t. A person in Spirit is an individual, ghosts aren’t. I will give you an example to make it easier to understand. When someone dies in painful circumstances, such as a murder for example, the shock of the experience creates a field of energy which repeats the painful moment. That’s what a ghost is. That’s why they can be found in the same places repeating the same “action” over and over again. It’s like a replay of the energetic event that has taken place. You can talk to spirit, but not to ghosts because there is no one there to talk to. The spirit who inhabited that place as a physical being has gone back to spirit world, and what is left is a residual energy created by the strength and pain of the moment of physical death. That residual energy can be perceived by us as sound, shape, a certain shade of light etc but it’s still just energy. If you think about it this way, you’ll understand why famous haunted places are old buildings, houses etc where painful events have taken place.

Still, there is nothing to be scared of. Our mind creates the fear because what it has to deal with and grasp is beyond its reach. It can’t categorize and explain the experience, and thus fear is born from a feeling of being in a totally unknown territory.

Now there is such a thing called Spirit Activity, usually in a house. That isn’t about ghosts. But before I go into details, please keep in mind that spirit activity is everywhere anyway. There is no “here” and ‘there”, it’s only Here and Now. Spirit is with us all the time, in the same “here”, but on a different vibrational level. If we are tuned in all the time, we will notice spirit activity all the time. But we’re not and nor are we supposed to be, because we have to focus on our physical journey as well.

What is Spirit Activity? It’s an expression that describes events and sensations that seem to be caused by spirit. Examples would be objects disappearing and reappearing, or changing places; unusual sounds; a shadow that you see usually from the corner of your eye as if someone’s there; lights flickering; electric equipment being switched on and off “on their own” etc. The list can go on, but it’s basically events and sensations that you can’t explain otherwise than by an invisible presence causing them.

Now before you blame spirit, always check for a physical cause for what you’re experiencing. Have an electrician check the wires in the house, go see an eye doctor for that blurry vision … not everything is caused by Spirit.

Spirit can and does sometimes manifest its presence by affecting the physical world. Will they harm you? no. CAN they harm you? again, no.

Most visits are by your own relatives in spirit, and when they affect your physical surrounding, they are only trying to grab your attention and tell you that they have dropped by. If this isn’t something you particularly enjoy or are fond of, just tell them to stop. That’s your space and they will listen to your request. They will find other ways to let you know they are around, maybe more subtle and perceived by you as being less invasive (such as dream visitations, a song suddenly playing on the radio etc).

Sometimes when I’m sitting on my own, I hear a distinct knocking sound that comes from the wooden table next to me. I know that it’s my favourite aunt who passed to spirit a couple of years ago and she’s come to visit me. I usually just say “hello”, send her my love and the knocking sound stops.

It might feel strange, it might feel unusual, but it’s nothing that will harm you. Fear again comes from the feeling of being in unknown territory that we don’t seem to be able to control. But like I said, if you don’t want them to visit you in this way, you can tell them and be sure that they will stop. Spirit will never overwhelm you emotionally or in any other way.

Now comes the tricky part. Some of you have heard stories about people being scared in their house because of spirit activity that seems to be aiming to scare them or worse, harm them.

I have to tell you a little bit about lost souls, and I will try to be as clear about it as possible. It appears that sometimes, when physical death occurs, spirit fails to realize that it’s not incarnated as a physical being anymore. This can happen when physical death comes too suddenly, or when there are too many attachments to the physical realm. What matters is to know that something keeps spirit from accepting that it has left the physical body behind. As a result of this, the soul becomes as if confused. It is similar to being in between states. The vibrational presence is that of spirit but the awareness of self is still attached to the physical. Those souls are the ones we usually call the lost souls.

This “lost” state of being is relatively rare, because when we leave the physical, Angels and Spirit are always there to help us with our transition. And even with lost souls, they have help from Angels who send them the vibrations of Love and Light, patiently and constantly, until these souls accept and realize that they are not in the physical anymore. At which point they continue their journey in the Spirit world.

While still “lost”, these souls will try to act as if they are still physically present. They will go to their house, for example, and try to make others notice their presence. This is when physical phenomena of spirit activity will happen in the house. They can hide objects, make sounds, and do everything they can from their vibrational level so others know that they are there. And they usually succeed because the events they create are unusual for those who are still in the physical.

Do you see now that if a lost soul goes to its physical house (where they think they still live) and finds new people there (let’s say new tenants or owners) they might for example try to put things back where they are supposed to be? And that this might seem scary to the new tenants, or even “negative”, but it really isn’t?

The difference between activity caused by loved ones who have crossed over and that caused by lost souls is in the intensity of the activity. Lost souls might panic and get upset. This is why they won’t be able to be as gentle and subtle as Spirit. While Spirit will slightly move a painting that’s hanging on the wall, a lost soul can cause it to drop on the floor and break. This is NOT because they mean any harm, but because in their state of confusion, they have a hard time mastering their energy and making it subtle.

Can lost souls harm anyone? No they can’t. Even though they are not aware of having left the physical, they are still bound by the law of Free Will. If your grandmother in Spirit can’t interfere to make you win the lottery, a lost soul can’t interfere to bring you bad luck. It’s as simple as that. Free Will is Law. And lost souls certainly can’t cause you any physical harm. Everything that happens to you in your life is the choice and doing of your own soul. If you wake up with scratches, you most probably suffer from a sleep disorder that affects the neurotransmitters in the brain and is sometimes a symptom of sleep apnea, or an emotional issue such as anxiety or depression. In that case, you should see a doctor, not a medium.

You can think about lost souls the same way you think about children who are throwing a tantrum, refusing to accept anything else than what they want to believe in. Would you be scared? I didn’t think so.

What to do if there is Spirit Activity in your house?

First of all, I hope I’ve shown you that there is no need to be scared. And that before you think about Spirit, you need to check what is going on with you and those around you. If the atmosphere in your house feels negative, check your thoughts and the dynamics of the relationships between those who live in the house. If you find yourself having a string of “bad luck” check your beliefs about yourself and about what you think you can achieve. If the lights in your house are flickering often, check with an electrician first.

If you are sure there is Spirit activity in your house, there is one important thing you must do: get rid of the fear that has been planted in your mind because of stories you’ve heard and movies you’ve watched. Fear is how negativity comes into your life and that would still be your doing.

And then tell Spirit that you’re not enjoying the way they are making their presence felt to you and that you would like them to stop. Be firm and know that you are in charge of your space. Say a prayer for lost souls, send love where there is pain and light where there is darkness. And if you need help, ask AA Michael to interfere and clear your space from all unwanted energies.

The Spirit world is our Home. It’s where we go back to once we’ve completed our journey on earth. There is only Love that comes through to us from our Home.

Taline A

Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant, Angel worker

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  1. I have to disagree with this somewhat. I will say MOST spirits are friendly and wouldn't hurt you. I do believe and have experienced spirits that were just disagreeable people during their life, and that has extended into their death. I've found them to be usually lost in life as well as death. They may or may not realize they are dead, but yes they can communicate if they so choose.

    Two instances:

    The first one was in a home that we lived in that had been used as an old "road house". Translation, house of ill repute. It was known to be a rowdy place back in the late 1800's. The upstairs was likely used for the women to take their clientele. Which happened to be where my bedroom was.

    Going up those stairs, I always skipped the 3rd step. For some reason a spirit liked to trip people. I believe they did this in life, and continue it in their afterlife. I was too young to try to communicate with it, but I did often hear laughter from them as well. I also would see red eyes emanating from under the stairs.

    The second was in an old farm house dating probably to around 1930's. The mans routine was to look in the bedroom window at night. I believe in life he'd look in after getting drunk and wanting to see if his wife was asleep yet or not.

    I was pregnant and kept waking to see him looking at me through the window. So I hung a black out curtain up. That night he appeared standing over me. I screamed and told him to get the F out. He did, though the curtain fell as he left. I never saw him again, and I never rehung the curtain.

    Both spirits are lost souls. They were likely not religious in life. They also were horrible people in life. But it is not residual energy. They are THERE. I don't think they ever truly go away. Its just that they are so absorbed in their own problems and habits that they are confused and maybe they aren't really seeing us.

    I've had other experiences. Some don't know their dead. Others just refuse to believe it. They are lost, angry, confused, and sometimes down right evil. But not just residual energy. The soul is there, repeating their life's mistakes. I'd like to think that when they correct their mistake their soul will move on.


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