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Cutting the Clutter, Letting Go, And Healing Your Life

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Cutting the Clutter, Letting Go, And Healing Your Life

I have lived in the house I am currently in for over twelve years now. In this amount of time I've managed to accumulate quite a bit of things. It's funny I've always said that I am good at change, transitioning, and letting go of what no longer serves me. In the past week though, I've realized this is not the case! lol I've started going through closets and dressers. I removed 6 trash bags full of clothes that "might fit me again someday", or "I might wear that someday" and many other reasons I held on to them. I must confess quite a bit of it was from high school. I have now realized my 16 year old body is not coming back and finally let go of that notion the other day. Along with those trash bags of clothes I let go of an unrealistic expectation for my weight, and by doing so, I allowed myself room to love the body of a woman who has brought two beautiful children into this world. It's ok that I'm not that perfect size 6 anymore. :)))

I read a book on clearing clutter awhile ago. In it was a quote, "if you are not willing to maintain an item and treat it as a cherished possession, then it's time to let it go." Something along those lines. It has taken me over a year to digest that concept and begin. Now I don't want you to get the impression that my house is really dirty, as I do my best to keep it cleaned. My cellar on the other hand? lol :))) I just have too much everywhere. I am the type of person that clutter can stress me out. The cleaner my house is the calmer I am. Quite the challenge with two little ones. So my slowly starting to work on this is definitely making a difference in me.

What I didn't expect to find when I did this though, was additional areas of myself that needed healing. It only makes perfect sense. If you are holding onto things, there is a reason. I was holding onto those clothes that were too small for me in the hopes I would once again be that size. This was an unrealistic expectation. Illustrated even more so by how many pieces fit my 9 year old daughter. So I found an area that needed healing and am working toward healing it. I wonder what you will find when you go through what you may have?

One thing that did make this easier on me was donating my items. Depending on where you live there are many places that will take items you no longer have use for. Check the shelters, both animal and human, and google donations for your area. You'd be amazed. I donated children's books and a small tree we were no longer using to my son's preschool. Extra blankets that had not been used in years but were still good got donated to the animal shelter, along with some stuffies that I snuck out of the house as they are overflowing. When you pair letting go of something with giving a gift of something it can help to make that shift easier. I've also sold some things on E-bay as well. I've basically been sorting things into stacks. If it doesn't fall into the "I love this and will use it frequently" category I am trying to let it go. I have a set area for those sentimental things I wish to hold onto. Another quick tip for those of you who have little ones. I have issues letting go of all their artwork. For you Moms and Dads out there you know this can add up quick. I have chosen a few select pieces that I absolutely adore and put them into a chest for safekeeping. The rest I have taken photos of and am storing in a file on my computer. It beats the three boxes of paper that was in my basement. :))))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. That's awesome Jasmeine, I also read that you can use the children's artwork as wrapping paper to family, a friend of mine places them in a scrapbook and uses them as the pages for the children that year.

    Good on you for cleaning up and clearing out!!
    Good Luck with the healing


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