Saturday, April 6, 2013

Empath and Highly Sensitive Recommended Articles

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I work with so many of you who are empaths and highly sensitive.  That really is what I do the most.  I thought it would be helpful to have a post that has all the articles I have written on being a sensitive person and an empath in one place. :)))) It really is integrated throughout all of my writing as I am an empath.  These articles however, are among the ones I recommend most frequently.  :))

Highly Sensitive Person



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  1. this is amazing.... thank you for all your hard work blessed be sister

  2. From what I understand an Empath can fell the emotions of others, ,I mainly..... unfortunately feel the do I rid myself from a life full of pain from myself n others...nurses for 31 yrs....

  3. that was so insightful thank you...

  4. ANOTHER TIP if you're sensitive: cover your head during meditation and when you're around people. During meditation, covering your head with a shawl, hat or even a kitchen towel, seals in the energy. Kinda like putting the lid on the casserolle to keep the food warm for longer! Covering your arc line (hair line) and crown chakra (top of your head) is vital; get a large headband (an ENSO Headband works perfectly) and get to work! I've tried covering my head, and I've actually physically felt myself "power down" and get calmer. So, those are my tips :)


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