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Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

Merry Meet :))) Reflexology is an amazing holistic method that can help deal with a variety of issues. What's nice is that you can do it on yourself as well. Reflexology is basically a method of applying pressure and movement to several points. The points correspond to various places on your body as illustrated in the chart above. By placing pressure on the points in your hand, you can help to relieve any symptoms you might have in various areas of your body, and help to relieve tension.

When you begin it's nice to soak your hands in comfortably warm water in order to loosen up the muscles in your hand. Once you are ready, remove your hand from the water and gently dry it off. You may wish to use a scented oil when you apply pressure to your hands.

Take each fingertip gently between your thumb and index finger and apply pressure to the tip of your finger for a few seconds. Your thumb should be on your nail, and your index finger on the other side of your finger tip. It should be firm, but not cause you any pain. Next go through your finger tips again, but this time apply pressure to the sides of your finger tips.

Next, you want to rub your fingers firmly in a sort of side to side motion. Start at the base of each finger and move to the fingertips. Go from the base to the tip of the finger first rubbing the top and bottom of the finger, and then repeat rubbing the sides of your fingers.

Next you want to take each finger firmly at the base between your index finger and thumb. Give it a tug. Then loosen your grip and slowly tug your way up the finger until you have reached the end of your finger.

There is a webbed area between each of your fingers. Take a firm grasp on one at a time between your thumb and index finger. Pull it back gently until it slips out of your grip.

Let your free hand rest in the palm of the hand you are using to massage. Use your thumb to massage the back of your hand in a circular motion. Start at the wrist and take your time moving up to the knuckles. Be sure to do each knuckle and in between each knuckle.

Turn your hand over. Use your thumb to massage gently in a circular motion on the inside of your wrist.

Massage the palm of your hand next. You may wish to place your hand on a table and use your knuckles for additional pressure.

At this point you may wish to go back to any areas you are having issues with as correspond on the chart above. You can massage in a circular motion and or apply direct pressure to those areas.

When you are done, apply pressure directly to the center of each palm.


Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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