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Inutition vs Interferance When Reading the Cards

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Inutition vs Interferance When Reading the Cards

One of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome when reading the cards was the urge to make them fit the situation. Have you ever had a tarot spread come up and thought the cards were "out of order," as they didn't fit what you believed to be happening, or they really weren't what you wanted to see? How about this,  even though the tower means rapid change is coming, have you thought to yourself that it really doesn't mean that as there is a knight climbing up the side of the building to rescue you, or the pretty flowers at the bottom mean happiness not change, because change doesn't make sense in your life right now.  It's ok :))) If you read tarot, I would bed that pretty much all of us have done this. :)))   I pulled the tower card and death card for almost a year straight. It got to the point that I no longer wanted to read the cards for myself because I would let out that familiar groan every time these cards came up.  I knew in my inner heart what was wrong and what I needed to do, but I didn't want to see it, so I became an expert at finding other meanings for the card. "Oh, a change again today? Must be happening today, it can't possibly be the thing that's been causing this card to come up for a year straight." One day, I finally accepted what it was that was making these cards come up.  I confronted my fears and changed this part of my life.  I am quite happy to say that I have not seen either card since  I made this change, in a reading for myself.

There is a benefit to disagreeing with what I see in my tarot cards.  I know they are accurate because I can't tell you how often I use to disagree with my cards, but whatever was there in the cards is what was true.   Some of my close friends can attest to this. :))))) I will have a situation that seems, in the moment, huge to me.  I will go to the cards for advice and even though I feel like everything is out of control, my cards will tell me everything is fine.   Do you know what? They are always right. :))))  So what am I getting at with all of this? Quite simply the cards are right, our interpretations can be wrong. Especially if we don't quiet down that conscience, and listen to our heart and intuition. I learned this the hard way in my tarot seminars. I'll be honest I sat there red in the face while my coach told me no, I could not rearrange the cards because they made absolutely zero sense in the order they were in. My tarot instructor pushed me out of that box though and forced me to see. I will forever be grateful to her for what she did in teaching me to see again. :))))  I've always said I don't like doing tarot reading for myself as I can be biased. When I read for anyone but myself I'm fine. I learned to fix that with her. Now when I see cards that my initial thought is they are out of order or make no sense, I look even closer. More often then not, those are the cards that hold that important piece of information that I'm looking for as a reader. I just have to drop any expectations and allow the cards to be.

I just want to clarify that I am not in any way saying not to use your intuition. Alway use your intuition as that is the best way to read cards. However, make sure when you do, that you don't have a biased opinion in any way or aren't already looking for a specific result. If something comes up, ask yourself why, and then listen.  Try to always remove yourself personally from the cards.  In other words, if you are reading for yourself or a close friend, try to pretend that you are reading for someone that you do not know at all.  That way you will tend to not be swayed by what you see in the cards.  When I read for people I know I often tell them, that I am going to read the cards as if I do not know them at all.

For some, perhaps this comes easy. For others, like me you will get frustrated and want to rearrange cards! Most often when reading for yourself likely. So don't get frustrated. ;) When you get those cards look at it as a challenge. You have just been given information that you may need to look deeper within yourself to interpret. If you are unwilling to see it, the card will absolutely make no sense, or appear out of order. Consider it a challenge from the divine. Are you ready to rise to it?

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. The endless battle of ego vs intuition haha i have the same problem but when i put the cards back and draw again they always end up to be nearly the same as before. The cards outsmart me every time :)))


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