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Seven Pointed Star

Seven-Pointed Star

How many of you are familiar with the symbol above? The seven-pointed star above is known as an elven star, or faerie star, septagram, or septacle. It is said that the seven points of the star are representative of the seven stars called Pleiades, or seven sisters star cluster. The number 7 is a very magickal number, and is considered sacred in many traditions. You may sometimes see the points on the star labeled as follows: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Above, Below, Within.

Others believe that the points on the star represent the seven magical elements: earth, air, fire, water, life, light, & magic. Other traditions believe that it's the inner and outer elements: earth, air, fire, water, heaven, earth and self.

In other traditions it is believed that this star is a gift from the fairies as an attempt to help us understand them and make communication easier. In this tradition this symbol serves as a gateway to the fairy realm. Many who believe in the fairy realm will adorn this star as a sign of their faith. Below is what the points represent in this tradition:

1 - Power, Personal Will, Determination, Prosperity, Justice, the Gate.
2 - Unconditional Love, Wisdom, Growth, Friendship, Healing.
3 - Knowledge, Intelligence, Creativity, Sexuality, Awakening.
4 - Harmony, Tranquility, Blessings, Love.
5 - Powers of Mind and Science, Balance, Dexterity.
6 - Devotion, Honesty, justice, Healing.
7 - Magick, Success, the Gaian Hypothesis.

The following is the meditation of the seven-pointed star. I am unsure of it's origination but found it listed in several places so I thought I would pass it along. (Great for the Book of Shadows)

Meditations on the Seven-Pointed Star

Draw line from 1 to 6 (1 = The Sun (prosperity, justice, the Gate) )
6 to 4 (6 - Wind Spirits (justice, healing) )
4 to 2 (4 - Magic (Goddess bless, love))
2 to 7 (2 - Tree Spirits (friendship and healing) )
7 to 5 (7 - Success (Gaian Hypothesis))
5 to 3 (5 - the Gateway (balance/entering Faeryland) )
3 to 1 (3 - Water Spirits (creativity, sexuality, Awakening) )
Point 1: Meditate on the Sun, the Gateway for peace and prosperity in Elfland. Love & Justice.
Point 2: Meditate upon the Spirits of the Trees. Loving friendship / healing light.
Point 3: Meditate upon our Regenerative Powers and Creative Energy. Spirit of Water.
Point 4: Meditate upon the Gift of Magic. "Love is Magic, Magic is Love."
Point 5: Meditate upon the Gateway, Prosperity and Peace for the Passage into Faery. Prosperity.
Point 6: Meditate upon Justice in Faerie Realms. Wind Spirits.
Point 7: Meditate upon success in "Extending your Love and Magic to all Life; to Gaia".

This symbol can also be used to help keep information hidden. For instance, you may wish to inscribe one on top of your Book of Shadows to help prevent people from perusing it's contents. You can also wear it as an amulet to help prevent others from knowing what you are truly thinking.

No matter what your tradition or belief this star is indeed a magickal and wondrous symbol to be used. If you research it, you may find additional meanings as well. I do a lot of work with the Fae, so those are the ones I am the most familiar with. :))) Adopt the one that resonates best with you. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Dear Sisters,

    ...since you were wondering, this seven pointed star meditation was originally written by the Silver Elves and appeared in their article in Circle Network News in 1986.

    The acute angle 7 pointed star was first adopted as a symbol of the Elven people by the founders of the Elf Queen's Daughters, Arwen and Elanor, in the early 70s, and then passed on by Zardoa Silverstar of the Silver Elves in the Magical Elven Love Letters, which has been adopted by elven and faerie folk all over the globe, and is called both the Elven Star and the Faerie Star (see Emily Carding's new book "Faerie Craft"). You can read in a sample letter from the book "Magic Talks" how Arwen of the Elf Queen's Daughters describes the esoteric meaning of the star to symbolize the 5 senses, with the human body:5 points of 2 legs, 2 arms and a head, along with the 6th and 7th point symbolizing the two wings and entrance into the angelic kingdom:

    The Silver Elves

  2. This should be known by all as this ancient blessing needs to be understood and embraced for protection and its ancient wisdom soooo... Precious and for us all!! I respect it's strength and protection propoties so dearly i have it tattooed for respect and honour of all creation and miracles of blessed delivery through its Angelic origins!! ;-) xxoo


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