Friday, May 10, 2013

Glitter Divination

**photo by kateg**

Glitter Divination

Part of divination is not only linking to the divine, but allowing yourself acces to your true self.  This is accomplished by quieting your conscious mind that loves to babble on about how the world should be and allows your mind to take over.  So today I have a divination method for you that is fun and will be a great exercise for you to connect intuitively as well.  Glitter Divination! Many of you know I love glitter, sparklies, anything that shimmers and dances in the light.  There's something about it that's just freeing to me.  I also love to play. :))))) I'm happiest when I'm creating something.  

So for this method we need to gather a couple things.  Super easy no worries.  I want you to grab a small container, pan, something that you can pour some glitter into.  It needs to have a smooth bottom to it.  I used a baking pan for this.   It's also better if you have a black pan. We are going to create a glittery zen garden for you of sorts. :)))

You then need a few jars of glitter.  Enough to fill the bottom of the pan with a good solid covering.  I would recommend two or three colors.  With one you won't get as much detail.  With two many it starts looking a bit mish moshed.  You can store the glitter after your use to use again.  

Pour the jars of glitter into the pan.  Make sure your hands are super dry.  You are going to get glitter all over them anyway, but if you've recently used handcream, like I did, they will stick even more.  It's ok to giggle at me. :)))  You may want to put on some soft music, and light a scented candle near by to set the mood... for divination! :P

When you are ready I want you to start breathing deeply and then place your hands in the pan with the glitter.  Close your eyes and just move around the glitter relaxing and infusing your energy with it.  Start focusing on a question that you wish to know the answer to.  When you are ready, take your hands out and use a finger to go lightly over the top of it.  If you want to use both hands do that too. Let your intutition and the sparkles take over here.  Don't concentrate on what you are doing, allow the sparkles to blend your focus out a bit.  You know how if you stare at something it will begin to change? I'm sure there's a word for it but it's escaping me right now as I'm writing this.  It's what I do when I scry though.  Let your mundane vision go and feast on the sparklies and try to focus with your third eye.  Note how you feel.  Note any intuitive answers you get, sounds smells etc.  When you are ready, refocus on the glitter in the pan and look for any signs or symbols.  See if anything seems to jump out at you.

Above all have fun! :))))

Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

ps. you can store the glitter in a jar to use again. :)))

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