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How To Make A Wiccan Housewarming Basket

How To Make A Wiccan Housewarming Basket

This is a very easy craft that makes a wonderful gift for someone who has moved into a new home. It's an old tradition, and honestly I am unsure of it's originations. However I thought it was a lovely heart-warming idea and wanted to pass it along to you.

The first thing you want to do is to choose a basket that you will present your gifts in. You can get creative with this. I have seen many forms of baskets used from kitchen strainers, to homemade wooden boxes, hat boxes, serving bowls and old fashioned woven baskets. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to cleanse the basket that you choose and consecrate it with positive energy for the new home owner.

You next want to select a loaf of bread. If you are talented in the kitchen you may want to bake your own bread. You may want to add a bit of rosemary to the bread you are baking, perhaps sprinkle some on the top of the bread for additional new home magickal energy. As you knead the dough and bake the bread, infuse the bread with positive energy for the new home owner. If you prefer not to bake, find a bakery near you and select a fresh baked loaf of bread. Charge the bread with your intent when you get home.

Next you want to include a small container of seasalt. You can purchase this from the store, or choose to put it in a small fancy container of your choosing.

You next want to choose a bottle of wine. You may choose a bottle that you know the owners like, or a basic bottle of red would be a nice addition.

Green is a powerful color for blessing a new home. I would add some sprigs of greenery around the basket. Again you can get creative with this. If it's springtime you may wish to nestle the three items on a bed of flowers and greenery.

You want to enclose a note with the basket that says the following:

"For your new home:
bread so that your home may never know hunger,
salt so that life may always have flavor,
and wine so that joy and prosperity fill your home for a lifetime."

You may also add any additional trinkets to the basket that you wish. Some additional ideas and their meanings are:

Broom: So your house will always be clean and free of evil spirits.
Candles: So you always have light through the darkest times.
Coins: So you will receive luck and good fortune.
Honey: So you always enjoy the sweetness of life.
Knives: So your home will always be protected from intruders.
Olive Oil: So you will be blessed with health and well-being.
Plants: So your home will always have life.
Rice: So the love in your home will multiply. (fertility)
Wood: So your home will have stability, harmony, and peace.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


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    1. I love the witch hat strainers that they have! Thank you for the resource to find them. :))

  2. I have read that Knives should never be given as gifts as they can sever the friendship or relationship. Any gift of a knife must be paid no matter if just for a penny. Blessed be!

    1. Merry Meet :)))) That's interesting! :))) I will keep that in mind going forward! :))) Thanks so much. Much Love and Many Blessings, Jasmeine Moonsong


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