Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mason Jar Oil Lamps

Mason Jar Oil Lamps

Merry Meet :)))))) Most of you know that I absolutely loveeeee Mason Jars. I came across a project this week that had me all but squeeling with delight. They are soooooo pretty!!!!! I am planning to make one this week. What I love too about this is one you have the basic concept the possibilities are just endless! :))))))) Ready?

What You Need
- Mason Jars (or other glass jar, you can use a recycled glass jar like a sauce jar)
- One 1/8 nipples (hardware store)
- Two 1/8 couplings (hardware store)
- Two 3/8 washers (hardware store)
- 100% cotton lamp wicks (craft store)
- Lamp oil or other oil that is safe to burn
- Decorations for inside the lamp, fruits, pinecones, seashells, sparklies etc)
- cordless drill with 3/8 drill bit
- block of wood
- hammer
- screwdriver

1. Mark the center of the lid where you want the hole to be.

2. Set the cap on the block of wood and make a starter hole with the screwdriver and hammer.

3. Use the drill to make the hole. It will go quick so be careful.

4. Put the nipple through the hole. The nipple should be longer under the lid.

5. Add a washer to both sides of the lid and then the coupling.

6. Thread the wick through the nipple.

7. Add what decorations you want inside the jar.

8. Fill the jar with oil, leave a bit of space at the top, about an inch.

9. Put the lid back on the jar.

10. Let the oil soak all the way up the wick before lighting it.

Amazing idea from Recycle, Renew, Reuse Mother Earth Projects. Check out the page for tons of ideas and pictures that may help you with the instructions. :)))))) I'm making the seashell one first! :)))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. I'm not sure what kind of nipples you're talking about. But it looks neat. :)


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