Monday, May 6, 2013



How many of you have heard of Pinterest? I joined it awhile back and have been using it to post pics of my articles and quotes for Wiccan Moonsong. In the past few months I have been using it a lot more. :)) I  find pinterest really relaxing to use. Pinterest is basically a virtual pinboard. You "pin" pictures to your own page which can have as many boards as you like. Sort of like a bunch of mini pinboards within a pinboard.

Some of you may remember me doing an article on Dream boards awhile back. A dream board in essence is a board that you pin pictures of your dreams to. It helps you to set your intention and bring those dreams to life. You can use pinterest in much the same way. I have a board for my dream house, things I wish to have it in that house, places I want to go to, etc.

I follow a lot of travel boards on there as I love seeing pictures of the world. I have been building my own relaxing sanctuary of pictures with boards like ocean pics, stone walls, doors, etc. The page is quickly becoming a place that I like to go to relax.

In addition to relaxing and posting your dreams, there is also a lot of useful information on there. I have a Book of Shadows and Spell Book on there that I have started pinning to. Many others do recipes, crafts, interesting articles etc.

So, today I'm proposing that you set up a page on there for you! :)))) Pinterest is free. :)) Start pinning pictures that make you happy, and set yourself up a relaxing place to go full of your favorite things. It can be a place to help you smile, relax, meditate, learn, just make it you. :)))) Have lotsa different boards! Perhaps one with pictures for meditations, another for quotes that you love, another filled with bright colored happy pictures, and maybe another of places you want to see in your life.

Come Join Me! :)))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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