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Reversed Tarot Cards In Your Readings

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Reversed Tarot Cards In Your Readings

I absolutely adore tarot and oracle cards. :)))))) It's funny, I remember a few years back when one of my instructor talked about collecting decks and I couldn't understand the need for more than one.  Fast forward a few years and I actually have close to 30 tarot and oracle decks. lol :))))))))  I just love them.  They get a lot of use in my work. :)))))

A hot issue out there, and a question that comes up fairly frequently for me, is the use of reversed cards in my readings.  Reversed cards are when you are laying out a tarot spread and the card is laid out upside down. You will find many different ways to interpret this and many different actions to take. What's my opinion on this? ....... Always follow your intuition and do what feels right to you.

The majority of time when I read cards if it comes up reversed I will simply flip it back over and disregard the fact that it was reversed.  Most times. There have been a couple of instances where that card upside down has been significant in the reading I am doing, however, I take it on a case by case basis. When I do use it, it has to do with something in the picture that makes more sense upside down to me. I very rarely will use the actual meanings of reversed cards. Hopefully this makes sense! :)) Does every tarot reader do this? No. You will find many out there who interpret these reversed cards differently. I am in no way saying one way is right, I just am more comfortable not using reversed cards. For me, the best way I can explain it is the energy on the cards. It just feels better to me not using them that way.

When I first started learning the cards, I was paying special attention to these cards. It always drove me nuts when one showed up reversed and honestly it disrupted my reading! It's funny I was going to pick out a picture of a reversed tarot card for this article and I am unable to as I find the energy on them disruptive and it makes me a bit queasy. Yes, I am hyper sensitive. lol

When I was learning the tarot from Sheilaa Hite, she said something in one class that made me breathe the biggest sigh of relief. "The rules in tarot are, there are no rules." I loved it! A huge smile crossed my face and it was an enormous turning point in my tarot reading. From that day on I have not used reversed cards.

For those of you that do want to learn reversals there is a great page on Aeclectic Tarot that goes into the reversed meaning of each of the cards. They do a really nice job with it. You can find that page here: Reversed Tarot Cards.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. This is so interesting! Today I bought my first Tarot deck and never even thought of the meaning behind reversed cards or them being used or not. Thank you! I hope the link would help me understand another side of Tarot I didn't know existed!

  2. I definitely do not like seeing any reversed cards in my spread because it does put a damper on the answers that I receive. But, I think that all of the cards have a positive and negative aspect to it. You cannot have the ying without the yang , and I sincerely believe that if reversed cards come up in your spread, it is meant to help you from doing something that is stopping you from reaching your full potential.


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