Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tarot Spread Resources

Tarot Spreads

Merry Meet :)))) I know a lot of you love to work with the tarot. When I started working with the tarot, I used simple one card draws for insight. I still use those today. From there I progressed to three-card variations. Today I use a lot of different tarot spreads. I love to create my own as well. As you get familiar with the cards it is perfectly ok to create your own spreads to suit the question you have at hand. The biggest thing you need to remember is to be specific when choosing a layout and asking your questions. With that being said I found a couple wonderful resources for various tarot spreads that I wanted to pass along to you to peruse in your free time. :))))

Aeclectic Tarot Spreads: Aeclectic Tarot is probably one of my favorite sites out there for seeing tarot decks and reading what others think on them. They do an amazing job uploading graphics for each deck so that you can get a feel for a deck before going out to get one. They also have a page full of tarot spreads. There are easily over 100 spreads here. Each link brings you to a second page with the links to the spreads. These links go to a forum post with the layout and instructions. Pretty easy to use and sooo many options.

Psychic Revelation Tarot Spreads: Over 50 tarot spreads for you to try out. The page is nicely done, there is a small snapshot of each of the spreads with a link to get additional details on it. Great site, easy navigation. They are collecting tarot spreads from all over the net.

Between these three websites, you should definitely be able to find a spread that will help you with your divination.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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