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Akashic Record Reading

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Akashic Record Reading

Merry Meet :)))) I've had a pretty exciting morning. I was led to have an Akashic Record reading done. For those of you who may not know what Akashic records are, they are basically records of your past lives. This can be hugely helpful when doing any self-healing work. I wrote an article on them here: Akahic Records.

I had my reading done by Trish Sheridan from the Peaceful Healing Tree. You do not need to be in person to have readings done with her, she does readings via email, and via skype as well as in person. Here's her contact information in case you are interested:


Trish cautioned me about shielding myself when reading the records. I was fearful that I would find I was some horrible person who hurt people in a previous life. Funny how that's what I was most afraid of. As I read what I went through in past lives, it really didn't surprise me or bother me, and the lights started turning on with explanations for a lot in my life. If some of you are super sensitive you may wish to shield, you should be fine though. :)))) I share this story to illustrate how Akashic Records can help us.

So the first life that she brought forth for me was that of a little girl.

"I was shown a past life where you were a child living in squalor. A little girl, dirty faced, ripped burlap like material dress, shoes full of holes, hair matted and you were eating bits off the roadway. This lifetime was in the 1900’s USA you contracted a disease of the lungs, possibly Tuberculosis and died of pneumonia. Your father hadn’t known about your birth and your Mother could not look after you, so you were abandoned to fend for yourself. Definitely not a very nice life for you, but does explain your fear of being financially unstable…’ve lived that life and will do anything to not repeat that lesson."

In this life I definitely have hangups on financial security. I am desperately afraid of always being able to provide a roof over my children's head, and food on the table. It's always perplexed me because I have always had these needs met. It helped to explain a lot for me. When I was little, Annie was a movie I was obsessed with. There aren't many movies that I've seen more than once in my life, however Annie I know every song by heart, and most of the words as well. :))))) It's funny, I still find myself to this day singing the songs from it as I bustle around the house.

One of the questions I was seeking answers to concerned my heart. It's something that I'm fearful of this life. I have been tested and I do have a chamber in my heart that misfires. This can lead to my heart beating off pace. It's a really weird sensation, sometimes it's feels like it will pulse out my chest, other times it's a fluttering sensations, there have been many times I questioned if it's even my heart. What's funny is that something that has scared me has actually now become a sign for when spirits are around me wishing to communicate as well. My belief is that my heart is responding to their energy for some reason. I can tell as my heart will change pace and it feels like it's fluttering? It's hard to describe. Here's what she had to say:

"The heart flutters you get stem from a scar from one of your past life’s where you were born with a hole in your heart. You will not have any problems with this in this lifetime. The fear of death and dying attributed to this comes from being alive when pronounced dead. Oddly enough when I questioned when this was I got two answers….indicating this had happened twice. You were buried alive once around the 1840’s and then bound and burned alive as a native woman (couldn’t get a timeline on that one) Both times you were feeling a pounding sensation in the chest and displayed signs and symptoms of what we would now know as a heart attack. This will not be repeated in future lifetimes as medical advancement will eliminate the possibility of this happening. So you’re being asked to acknowledge the fear and release it."

This explained the heart flutters that I get. I loved the way she described it as it's perfect. It also eased my nerves about having something go wrong with my heart this life. I knew that I was burned alive somewhere in Europe, and I thought I may have had a life as a Native American, but I never had those validated. As for being buried alive I've always struggled to explain a fear I have but hat hits it on the head. I can't have complete darkness it terrifies me. I also have issues with small spaces but only certain ones. And sometimes the earth takes on a smell that can be disturbing. That ones a little hard to describe.

Being aware of where these fears comes from is an enormous help to me. I can now work on releasing them. :))))))

It wasn't all scary stories. :P :))))))

A few years back I had a past life regression where I found out about a past life in Massachusetts, the state I'm in now, and also a life in Ireland. :)))) I just looked it up so I could give you a link if you're interested, it was in 2010. What's most striking to me is the part about Ireland in that article. When you read it you will see that I had seen herbs and my home. I told the woman doing my regression that I was a healer. In the Akashic records, Trish saw this same life and was able to tell me my name, Mairead. :))))

"I was shown this lifetime in little stages. First a little strawberry blonde curly haired girl running through a meadow and then it fast forwarded to a young woman collecting flowers and herbs in the meadow and then forward again to a red headed woman name Mairead in Ireland. You were a healer/wise woman. There was some sort of disease or disaster as I could see people lying in the roadways dead and you walked pulling a cart and offering the survivors healing tinctures. You saved many lives."

I think this is a really compelling validation of reincarnation, past life regression and the akashik records. :)))))

Of course no reading would be complete without my Grandfather sending me a message. :))))))) It still makes me tear up every time I get one passed to me though as it's validation for the man I work with almost every day of my life in spirit form. I will forever be grateful to him and my guides for their guidance. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

**original artist unknown**

"Walk your path with love in your heart, and light surrounding you,
and you will never wander into the darkness."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

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