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Angelica is a popular plant in herbal remedies. It is also known as Masterwort, Archangel and Garden Angelica. Angelica has a rich history. There are stories of it's angelic nature, the herb supposedly blooms every year on May 9, the feast day of the Archangel St. Michael. It's Latin name is Angelica Archangelica. There is a legend that in 1655 when the great plague hit, an angel appeared to a monk in his dreams. He was told that Angelica could help to heal the great plague. It is said that this is how Angelica Water became an ingredient along with nutmeg, and treacle in the official remedy for the plague called "The King's Majesty's Excellent Recipe for the Plague." In early times Angelica leaves were made into necklaces for protection. They use to drink Angelica water to extend life and protect against poisons and negative energy.

Medicinally Angelica is used for rabies, coughs, fevers and colds. Angelica can be used for it's antibacterial properties when sick as well. Native Americans used Angelica to clear the respiratory tract, and cure consumption and tuberculosis. They made salves from Angelica and a sagebrush to rub on the body as a pain reliever. Today it is used primarily to treat digestive and bronchcial problems.

It's an amazing herb that has wonderful healing powers, but caution must be used as it can be toxic as well. It is generally safe in small quantities but it's safety is being questioned. I have read that it is not safe to consume the root of angelica. As always use caution when using any herb.

The stem of Angelica can be steamed and eaten. Leaves can be used in teas. The oil of the roots of the plant can be added to bathwater. If you've had a stressful day, soak in angelica water. You can use the seeds or pieces of the dried root to make an incense. The leaves are wonderful in potpourri or herbal pillows.

Angelica is a protective plant and can be used in protection magick. It can be sprinkled in the corners of houses or around the outside of the house to protect against evil. You can add it to your bath to remove any negative energy from yourself.

Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Deity: Venus

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Jasmeine Moonsong

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